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    First I want to tell you all that this board is a vast and invaluable wealth of knowledge. I've spent the past week or two reading and taking notes from all of you bud prodigies and I think I'm ready to start getting the materials for my first grow together.

    Now to the good stuff. I know the boards are probably flooded with these sorts of requests, so I've done as much research as possible to prevent asking the pantheon of weed gods here any stupid questions.

    Cab Specs -
    (Attached is a picture. A really, really bad picture.)

    -30in high x 44in wide x 20in deep.
    -Vegging chamber: 30in x 18in x 20in accommodating one vegging plant, one mother plant from which to clone, a powerstrip, and 200-250w of Soft White CFLs.
    -Flowering chamber: 30in x 26in x 20in accommodating a single, flowering plant, a Panasonic Whisper Fan (Panasonic Whisper Fan Carbon Scrubber Tutorial: Quietest most efficient fan ever! - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums;dimensions of this are approximately 8in x 11in x 11in), carbon scrubber, a powerstrip, and 100-150w of Daylight CFLs.
    -The dark boxes indicate where a ventilation hole/light trap will be, and the fan will run out though a carbon scrubber and duct hose through the ceiling of my closet.

    Now here are my questions:

    1) Is all of this enough? Too much? Too little? I can make the box up to 40-45in tall, but due to space constraints I cannot make it any wider or deeper. Any suggestions you have are welcome.

    2) Knowing the size and shape of my cab, is there a particular shape and setup for my chicken wire/lights that would be most effective? What is it?

    3) By my math, an 80 cfm fan should get the job done. Taking into account the ventilation holes/light traps, though, should I try for something closer to 100 cfm or would 80 do the job? Is there something I could do to improve the ventilation in the cab? A link to a good ventilation thread would be much appreciated.

    4) If I were to remove the lights from the flowering chamber and perhaps throw in a computer fan or two, could I hang and dry the bud in there without concern about the smell or would it be too overwhelming at that phase to do stealthily?

    Chances are that I'll be asking more questions, but I'd like to thank all of you who bothered to read my thread in advance. I look forward to becoming a regular contributor/participant on these forums.

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  2. i liked the drawing :hello:

    i'd use some sort of fan to pull air from the veg to flower. maybe a couple case fans. i'd also like my flowering plants to get fresh air so maybe add fresh intake there. you'll have to figure out how much intake and where etc to get it right having that 2 room chambered design. it might be best to vent both separately. i'm sure someone has done this same type of thing successfully so hopefully you won't have to reinvent the wheel. i advise building and getting the thing going a week or so before germination so you can monitor everything running for a while and make adjustments. that's key in a grow box IMO. just give yourself time to make the necessary adjustments so your plants early life doesn't suffer (stunt growth). nice fan. i think that's very important. my next box will definitely spare no expense with the exhaust fan
  3. oh yeah. as for the CFLs, i'm not sure you have it right. upper end of the spectrum for veg and low end for flower (blue vs red). best cfls for veg are 5500-6500k (daylight)
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    @tidehigh: Thanks for the feedback (and the compliment on the drawing, haha). As for venting both chambers separately, buying two of those Panasonic fans would be pretty difficult on my budget, not to mention that the power required to run two of them might be a bit much. In fact, now that I think about it, I haven't even taken into account how much the power required for the fan is going to cost me if it's running 24/7. I'll consider using PC fans to pull air in.

    I'll also be sure to test-run the cab for a short while before I put anything in. Thanks a lot for the advice. I hadn't actually thought of doing that.
  5. Another thing I thought of: Is the wiring in that thing dangerous? Lmao. I'm closer to a caveman than an electrician, so I'm really just mashing metal pokey things into holey wire things here.

    To all of you reading, more advice is not only welcomed but encouraged.

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