stealth box questions or suggestions?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by skocotic, May 19, 2010.

  1. now maybe this should be in beginners but i cannot seem to get any help over there
    ive noticed alot of times threads like the one that im about to post get ignored
    and it kind of sucks because a lot of people come here to get help with shit like this
    but most of the time it seems like more of a place to brag than to help people out
    sorry, that was completely unrelated honestly. id just like a little help if anyone would

    but anyway this is going to be my first grow and it will be indoor
    i stay in my girlfriends parents basement and they don't come down much
    but still sometimes so i decided to set myself up a little stealth box
    i used an old speaker cab that i had sitting around and gutted it completely
    then i cover the interior with some tin foil to help reflect some light
    next im going to put some fans for circulation and a filter for smell
    its about three feet tall and its eleven inches wide eight inches deep
    i think it should be plenty big enough for a decent size plant
    my biggest concern right now is really what to use for lighting
    ive got an old black light that i could take the bulb out of and use
    its alot wider than the box though and id have to hang it sideways
    and i dont know if that would make the plant stretch
    of if the light is just too big for the box all together
    and im not sure exactly what kind of bulb i should use
    also i found this little pot that has like a tray at the bottom
    and you pour the water straight into there to water it then the
    root just take whatever they need to theres no over watering
    maybe someone could tell me if this would be a good idea to use
    and ive already started sprouting some seeds but i went to look at soil
    and to be honest i just was kind of clueless about it all
    so if someone could tell me a good soil and some nutes maybe?
    i know im asking a lot and im still fairly new
    but im just looking for a little help on this
    ill keep a grow journal and everything if anyone is interested
    i would really appreciate if anyone could answer any of this for me

    heres some pictures of my unfinished project

    front of the box
    back of the box
    back opened up
    fancy little pot thing i was talking about

    this clearly is unfinished and im completely open to suggestion
    please help me out??
  2. that box should be good i see alot of ppl use thos i personally have a pc box that i purchased online for a great deal. about the lights id go with cfl and just put as many as you can safely put in there and in my opinion id make them adjustable. for 1 get rid of that foil, does more harm than good. go to the wal mart camping section and get you an emergency blanket and use that or even just get you some mylar the blanket is the cheap rout. the pot should do just fine other than that id prefer RESEARCH and alot there is a shit load of info on the web you just gotta read.....GL
  3. yeah ive been doing alot of reading and its got me rething the foil
    im really just afraid that the foil will raise the temp too quickly
    but other than that im just on here so i can get answers to my specific situation

    what kind of light cycle should i use?
  4. bump. anyone?
  5. bad enough risking your own parent's house. even worse that it is your girlfriend's parents. How do they feel about you growing in their house?
  6. For Vegging I always use 18/6 and flowering 12/12 and ive never had any probs
  7. i wouldnt need a stealth box if they were okay with it. now would i?

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