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    What's up GC,
    I'm debating on whether or not I want to attempt a college apartment stealth grow. It's technically a "dorm" but it's more apartment style with a living room, private bedrooms, kitchen and 1 bathroom per 2 suite-mates. I have the option of a 2 room, 3 or 4 room apartment. Room = Roomates.
    There are monthly room "checks" but it's an RA walking through to make sure there is no damage, trash, ect. they just peek their heads in the door so odor is my biggest concern. 
    I'd like to hear everyones input and if anyone has tried this or knows of somebody that has I would like to know how it worked out for them. I've grown both indoors & out for 2 years now but have never done a micro grow before. 

  2. Please update me because I am also curious. My situation isn't as tough as yours but I live in a single bedroom apartment and I don't want to stick up my whole complex.
  3. Yes it is possible. I would recommend getting a grow tent. They not only keep the light out ( due to very thick leyers) also helps keep the smell in the tent. You can't rely on that alone though. You will definitely need venting, an inline fan (preferably vortex hear they are the best and quiet) also carbon filter. Also maybe a fan speed controller.

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  4. With that equipment you can be in the same room as the grow tent and still not smell. Unless you open the tent.

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  5. End result you will probably need a filter even with one plant. Unless you don't have an issue with smell.

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  6. tent is pretty sketch in a college dorm imo
    PC grow I think is your only chance and it's still risky. Good luck.
  7. Oops my bad thought he was just in an apartment. Yea would look a little strange haha.

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  8. 4" x 8" that's enough for 6 plants I hear

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  9. My advice would be to use a small tent or make a custom box from plywood. I would suggest a foot print of about 1.5' x 1.5' and at about 2-3' tall. Buy a decent flowering LED UFO for lighting, I would definitely use a 3w LED light that advertises a 100-150w power draw. Stick with an easy soil based grow. Get a good inline fan & carbon filter combo, 4" will be plenty. Add a speed controller for the fan to keep it quite. This should give you a pretty stealthy grow that should give a decent yield.

    Peace, Love, and Good Luck
  10. I would suggest a similar setup but your scenario has many, many more options. You could use a tent, armoire, cupboard, pantry, tote. For the cleanest setup I would use a tent with a 2' x 2' foot print or maybe a 2' x 4' foot print and at least 5' tall if not 6'. In the 2'x4'x6' tent I would use a 600w HID with a cool tube, 6" inline fan with carbon filter. In terms of grow styles you could definitely pull off hydro in there whether DWC, ebb & flow, areo, nft, what ever floats your boat really. Personally I'm liking a simple organic soil grow.

    Peace, Love & Good Luck
  11. Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm currently planning on a PC or nightstand grow with a DIY carbon filter. I'm worried about pulling high watts to due energy bills so I'm planning on 100-125 watts max which is perfect for a PC grow. I may opt for some Glade Plug-Ins to help mask any scent that leaks when I open the box. 
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  13. Plant looks beautiful Rasta! How do you like the MrGrow PC box?
    My next concerns are building the PC box, I'm not technologically savvy so I'd be a bull in a vagina shop with putting one together. 
    Also I'm worried about drying and curing the buds.. It's going to STANK up my entire room.
    Besides that I don't see any other problems. 
  14. PC cases take handyman skills to convert more than technology skills. The cheapest way to find a case is to look at free e-waste disposal sites. If you need to buy one almost any "mid tower" case will work. Mid tower cases are about 16-18" tall with a rough foot print of 7"w x 16-20" l. If you can find a free full/server tower case it is generally another 4-8" taller, up to an 1.5" wider and 2-6" longer, giving a lot more space. Here are a couple pics of my converted mid tower PC box. 1405039835233.jpg 1405039961287.jpg 1405039900153.jpg 1405039938789.jpg As you can see its not perfectly lite proof any more as I removed the diy carbon filter from the front. The case was pretty easy to mod. The drive bays and other obsticles in the case are pretty easy to move. The front bezel usually just has a few clips that you need to free inside the case. You want to keep this for a stealth look in the end. The Interior aluminium/steel pieces are usually secure with rivets which can easily be drilled out and the aluminium/steel pieces removed. For light I used 4 x 23w CFLs with 2x 120mm PC fan exhausting out the upper front of the case . When the lights are off or when the carbon filter is in place you do not notice the fan behind the drive bay metal mesh covers. The lower front of the case has a 80mm PC fan that I use for intake with a light trap. 1405040301017.jpg I covered the back with cardboard spray painted black on the outside. I also covered the front of the case with cardboard and cut out the fan ports. I made the light trap out of cereal box card, aluminium tape and duct tape. The carbon filter was also made with the same materials, plus some mesh I took from a butter fly net from the dollar store and some activated carbon from a fish filter. I then cover the interior in aluminium tape.

    Anyways if you have any questions feel free to ask!
  15. very nice set up you have.

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  16. That's just the baby... I also have my hid/led armoire!

    Peace & Love
  17. Thanks! His case is pretty nice...I really have no complaints except personal preference on some things. I would that I see how it is put together, I should have built my own n save a few dollars.

    I've been having some odor issues of my own....long story short, I plan on getting a carbon filter n fan and just running it as a scrubber and put it behind my case where my exhaust is. That would also take care of your drying/curing problem as well as odor during your grow.

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  18. I may opt to buy a pre-made case or set up a mini tent if I'm feeling bold.. The game plan is to sit the first month out and see how they run the first room checks then go from there. I just won't have the time or resources away from home and buying everything then putting it all together won't be worth it.
    Does anybody else make stealth grow boxes or pc cases for reasonable prices? 

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