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    Hey all, i'm pretty new to all these growing things (and sorry for my english) but due to the fact that i'm still living with my parents i developed this idea for a stealth grow, i used a small guitar amplifier i had and put a 25 watt cfl in it and got 1200 lumen, i use a big pc fan (2.5 Ampere) for cool down as a outtake and use a passive intake, there's my question, this is excellent for seedlings as in 2 days i get the cotyledon (starting from seedling) but is pretty useless for flowering due to its small dimensions.  started all my seeds with 12/12 for getting small and fast growing plants. Then i ask you how can i cool down a small closet grow with the less noise and in the stealthiest way (i thought of a water cooling or a air cooled hood for the lights maybe) and if 2 25watt cfl (2000 lumen circa) is enough. Thanks!

    (I will post some recent photos as i get home, cause nowaday i have put a fan in the circle where the cone was before)

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