Stealt fish tank stand help?

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  1. I made a fish tank stand Out of 2x4 and ocb. I sealed up the inside to where theres no air flow yet, no holes or cracks. I just need some help on where the lights and fans should go. I'm thinking about buying 4 24" T5 lights and positioning them vertically around the box, tell me what you think. I also don't know where I want to put the fans at or what kind of fans to put in. Beside that it looks beautiful right now it just looks like a fish tank stand. My parents are clueless. I figured to knock out the smell I'm going to place carbon filters between the finish I put on the fish tank and the exhaust fans let me know what you think guys I would be very appreciative. -Spacedope
  2. Pics? :D

    Vertical is good for the side growth, I would still want some light above the plants as usually the top one is the largest cola and bud producing spot.

    I would also use computer fans, easy to make and very cheap. Much cheaper compared to regular little fans. The size would depend on your heat temps (unknown?) 80mm is normal size the 120mm would be quieter (usually) and provide more air flow.

    Intake on the bottom, exhaust on the top. Sucks in cold, blows hot air out the top, where hot air likes to hang out :)

    Smell, carbon filters are good. If your not running your venting exhaust 24/7 dollar tree and other stores have cheap odor eliminating/neutralizing gel for a buck for 3 small containers of it. Usually Lavender, no smell, lemon or citrus.

    Maybe explain more detail of your box? I am just rambling :D

    Id also edit out my parents are clueless, its best of us to think of you as a consenting adult and not hiding things in your parents house ;)
  3. My bad I didnt really explain my whole situation. My parents have given me permission because my dad wants some of the weed. But I still want to keep it very stealthy so I'm choosing not to tell him about it until the end of my first grow. I pay the electricity bill and have since I was little so I really don't feel as if I'm using their money. I am only only 18 years old though and just experimenting lol but thannk you for replying man I was getting worried that every1 was Goin to skip my post lol okay do you think the hydrofarm 125 watt cfl hanging over the plant would be why I need to get busy?
  4. Imma post up some pics as soon as I get my camera to work haha next few hours
  5. Here's some pics

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  6. Ok and about the fans I'd it possible to have too much air flow?.,. From what you've told me I'm going to put a 120mm fan on the top back wall for exhaust and 2 80mm fans on the bottom back wall for intake... Would it be smart to put a fan in one of the top corners for circulation?
  7. I usually have a small fan blowing on my CFLs, keeps them cooler so if they touch the plant itll take awhile before it burns them. (i can usually adjust before that happens) Or just a small house fan or cheap box fan in the side to circulate the air and push the plants around to get them strong would be plenty (with your intake, exhaust as well) Rambling, yeah I would put one in a corner for circulation, probably the bottom so it pushs cooler air up and around instead of hot air down.

    hydrofarm 125 watt cfl looks like a nice bulb! It should do for 1 plant according to the watts per plant guide. (I would add some more lights to the sides of plant, more budsites!)

    There can be too much air flow I am sure, but with using PC fans that should not be an issue. I had a cabinet a little taller than yours and was using some 130 dollar bathroom squirrel cage fan, loud as crap moved a ton of air but in the end I used CPU fans due to noise and there was no difference in growth or heat.

    What kinda stuff you going to grow in there? :D Its nifty to see boxes getting made!
  8. I want to grow something big but I'm not sure lol it it possible to do a scrog grow with 2 screens and just bend the plant twice once when it gets to one point and one to another .. Idk could be a dumb idea was just thinking what would you advise I grow in my situation
  9. You could but I dont see the point in doing a double scrog. I may just not understand :) SCROG is to get 1 layer, if you did 2 screens you would need a light BELOW the first screen to get any light to what is below it.

    You can tie them down to keep height lower, there are alot of ways to tie them down. eg; rubber bands, string, bent metal wire. Or pinch the top node to create more branching outwards instead of upwards (fimming)

    I would FIM and scrog, you can have 1 plant cover the entire area width wise without it getting TOO tall. (it always still grows up some, but then you just tie it down and have it go sideways)

    How To on FIM:
    (you probably already know, but if ya dont saves you time trying to find it)

    If your not too adventurous I would do the tie down method instead, its easier and hard to mess up. :)
  10. Yeah that sounds good I'm just going to do a single screen and fim. Do you think the light of Judah would be a good grow in a box of my size
  11. I actually cant find that strain! If its a Indica or Incida dominant I think it would work great. (I think its Indica, the short squat type!)
  12. I found it at so indices are a better grow in a grow box of my size
  13. So indica plants grow better in small areas?
  14. Indica are more squat (shorter) and bushier. Sativas are more wirey and tall. I had a mix of indica/sativa 5 plants grew under 3 feet and one shot up to 5 before I just had to kill it, too big.

    I found a Light of Jah but not a Judah so I am guessing its the Jah?

    Its Sativa heavy, I wouldnt suggest it for smaller growing spaces like yours.

    I like the Citral and the White Widow, the White Widow is a very popular strain, you could most likely find reviews and little tweaks they did to their harvest to get a better result which should also work on your crop.

    You could just start with bagseed and grow for a few weeks while you wait for your seed order. This will let you get your temps, humidity and all that setup before your actual specific genetics show up.
  15. And would 21000 lumens be enough for 2 plants?
  16. Look, indicas are of course better for your space. But a indica dominant hybrid is ok too. You don't need a screen because your plants will be short enough that the branches will not be lanky enough to necessitate a screen to hang on. Simplify it you already have enough going on in a small space a screen will only complicate it. use basic LST techniques you will get four-6 high yielding plants that's around 12 ounces every three months if done dorrectly. One more thing CFL's are a waste of light. Go with the T-5 if you can't fit a four tube four foot fixture (see dimensions on ebay) get the 2' 4 tube or the 2' 8 tube. They don't waste light by shining in all directions and the reflector is much more efficient. additionally it takes up less vertical space and the light distribution is more even so your plants will grow into the light more evenly

    1 more thing... your phat indicas will reek.... FRESH air is the best option... you can't have too much ventilation it is the best way to insure the stale air is replaced and the odor is removed, not leaking out.... IMO invest in a 4'' carbon filter and centrifugal fan... if you are concerned abou t the size you can get the smaller filter and install both fan and filter inside the box so the fan is pulling the air through the filter and the clean air is ejected out a small hole in the back of your box. you also want an oscilalting fan in there to keep the buds from moisture buildup... bud rot is the arch enemy of us pot farmers.
  17. also you'll want an oscillating fan in there.... a 12'' blade will be optimal. Will make sure your stalks are strong and keep the bud rot away. Bud rot... the arch enemy of us pot farmers.

    BTW I like those pics. I always dig a stealthy idea like that.... you aren't going to have fish in there though?? I mean if you have a door in the side or front I could see it as a terrarium, but IDK about all that water above it...
  18. With my newbie mistakes i only have about 19"L X 10"W X 30"H of space in the do you think all of that would fit & why do you think the water in the fish tank would be a problem?
  19. And I am also thinking about using a GrowAce hps 400 watt grow light fixture in there you think that would work?
  20. I also cut out the peice of wood I had in the top for more space for grow lights

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