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  1. i know everyone here looks down on stealing. i do to. but what do you guys think of oh say ur hungry and u just smoked a fat blunt wit yea homies but you got no money left over and u walk into a supermarket and steal something to eat. what do you guys think about it? my opinion is its fine as long as its nt a mom and pop store
  2. You know that takes money out of the pockets of every employee that works there.

    Trust i know.

    We lose about $25,000 a week at my job.
  3. wow makes me feel bad that i took a kitkat =[ srry
  4. steal steal steal, everybody loves to steal.
    if i steal, i make it worth it. taking a candy bar, doritos, or some ramen noodles, isnt worth it.
  5. I stole a pack of gum because my mom wouldn't let me have it when I was like 6.

    I'm a baaaaad girl.

    (It was Juicy Fruit, does that make up for it?)
  6. I've stole some shit from gas stations before, especially swishers, but I'd never steal from friends or anything.
  7. no if anything that makes it worse (juicy fruit eww). and i think a kitkat is worth it there delicious
  8. I used to steal alcohol and video games.

    Learned my lesson quick on that shit.

    Don't steal.
  9. stealing is stealing man.

    isnt any way around it..maybe offer to sweep the mart for some candy? that is if you wanna go legit.
  10. Not to mention raises prices for all of us, thieves and the honest alike. Why not just go home and eat? You have no food at home? Then you ought get a job instead of spending your time smoking in the supermarket parking lot. If you're that hard up that you're actually starving...ask a neighbor to bum you a peanut butter sandwich? Take yourself to a food pantry instead of a store? This is America, no one needs to steal to eat. And munchies != true hunger. I try to not to be judgmental, we all have our shortcomings. But you asked, so I vote not cool.
  11. im pretty sure most places such as wawa or 7 11 dont give a fuck. everybody steals from them all the time (im talking candy lighter drink nothing big) because they make it all back cause they sell so much damn stuff. just today my friend got told by the wawa manager when buying his sub "atleast your paying for it this time" LOL
  12. I did my share of thieving as a minor, it was always something worth wild. Big stuff. But I got older learned the economy and the effects it has on people no matter how small the object. In the end If one person in each city stole 1 candy bar a day, thats allot of money.. Never got busted for doing it but I learned morals. Places like walmart though.. Go for it. walmart is the devil my momma says...
  13. So you can afford the Dutch, and you can afford the stuff to go in the Dutch, but you can't spare a dollar to go hit up the $ menu?

    For shame. :(
  14. of course.

  15. no, you have to go to hell for not choosing Zebra Stripe
  16. I love the Family Guy joke where Peter goes, "This is an even bigger letdown than Zebra Stripe gum." He pops the gum in and says, "Mmmm! Awww...."
  17. yea i was just talking about that yesterday. . i was eating some and the flavor is really gone in about four minutes
  18. You would have to chew like 5 pieces of ZS in 10 min in order for there to be lasting flavor...

    but at least they came with those dope tattoos!


    Do this.
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    Aww schitt.
    I can't argue with that one. :(

    Oh well, off I go.

    ...which way is it to Hell again?


    Did anyone else do this? Please tell me I'm not the only one who did this. :p

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