Stealing weed from family

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  1. Does anyone else do this? I have a little brother who smokes and sometimes when im dry I'll take a little bit out of his stash. He normally gets really pissed when I do this even though I pay him for it. Does anyone else do this, and am I being a dick or is he overreacting?
  2. At least you pay him for it, but you should definitely ask first because to a lot of people weed is more valuable than a few dollars hahaha
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    You're being a dick. Stop being a dick, Scott. Like above poster said. Offer money up front. If he wants you to have the weed he'll do the trade.
  4. There's better ways from getting bud from your brother instead of picking off his stash. Next time just ask him if he could smoke you out and you'll pay him back or smoke home up next time you get bud. Don't be a dick and still from your brother OP.

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  5. You're doing your big brother duties as being a dick.
    He suffers as being the youngest and getting picked on.
    Wait 5 years til he's bigger than you.
    He beats you up over stealing said herb.
  6. it is kind of a dick move whether you pay for it or not. its an even bigger dick move that your bro wont offer to hook you up when you are dry.
    however, when i was a young scrub i broke my leg breaking into knotts berry farm. on the day school was over for the summer. FML... anyway, while i was rotting away at home i found the stash of a family friend who was staying with us. it was by accident too, i wasn't looking for it or anything like that. he had stashed a zip of some kind of skunk in a buck knife box, left the box on the kitchen table for over a week. like he had forgot about it.
    i was sooooooo stoked too. i wasn't sure where it had come from at first but i was at that moment far beyond caring. i pinched a gram or so at a time and smoked it out of papers i found in the knife box. at the 2 week mark or so i decided to pilfer the entire thing. the next day he came up to me and asked if i had seen his knife box. i calmly replied that i had not and that was the last i had heard about it. to me it felt like a gift from the bud gods. i was in tons of pain from my leg and bored to tears. this definitely kept me high the entire summer and then some. i was only 15 when it happened so i didn't have a tolerance like i do now. for me it was 1 hitter / quitter.
    i still chuckle about it when i get the chance to think about it. but now that i am older, wiser and marginally more mature, i see it for the dick move it was. i am sure he would have smoked me out and more than likely would have kicked me down some. he even bought beers a couple times that summer. i was such a light weight that 3 beers and i was smashed. the good ol days :metal:
    go buy your own..
  8. Well if your brother is a high school punk who buys weed with the lunch money your mom gives him, then take all you want haha. But if he worked for it you really should ask him first. It is a dick move, but not the worst you could do. However, if you're rolling blunts or smoking with others that's totally not cool.
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    Really? How old are you? That's kinda fucked up especially since you could pay for your own.
  10. Or, you could, you know, buy your own weed ?

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  11. yeah, the fucker has money to pay for what he takes from his bros stash, but yet won't buy his own. Needs to learn some independence

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    I had a brother like you, he was a dick too. Just because you pay someone back doesn't mean you aren't a fucking thief. If I was him I would just set you up to get arrested or beat down one.
  13. Shame on you...only a loser steals from his own family man.
    doesn't matter if you leave money.
    put yourself in his shoes...would you like it if he helped himself to your stash? don't lie.
  14. Did you... expect everyone to support you and say they steal from family members? 
  15. The way i see it, it all depends. For example, my bro (no relation) scott jacks a pinch or two of herb or a roach from his mom when ever hes dry and knows she just got some/has some. But i think its justified because shes a total hypocrite. Shes the type if person who bitches when his room smells like bud, but will smoke out the entire living room. She has lectured him about weed, while blazed as fuck. I think its justified depending on circumstances and frequency. That being said i do believe you shouldnt steal, and should find a hook up of your own, or atleast ask him for a bowl or j and smoke him out later/give him some herb. You could ask your bro to hook you up and buy you some. Just dont be a dick, you cant be a dick to family. Just my two cents bro.✌️

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  16. I doubt you pay for it everytime lol, I don't like thief's personally. And if I was your lil bro I would be setting up a decoy stash rubbed with chilly!
  17. I was too high to reply to this last night but that's not cool man. I'd hate if my sister or my mom or someone did that to me, we all ask each other before we take any. Try asking him first, don't just give him the money after you did the deed. Or better yet just buy your own weed. If you have a job (which, I'm assuming you do, because you have this money to give to your brother) then $20 or so every week shouldn't be too much to take out of your pocket. 
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    its cool man, everyone here is being uptight and acting holier than thou, like you guys have never done anything bad or questionable in your lives. 
    large amounts is not good, but i wouldnt shun you for taking like under a gram.
  19. your being an ass, just because you took 20 dollars in weed and gave him 20 dollars doesnt mean its all ok, the fact youd rather steal his weed then buy it yourself proves that you know sometimes weed is worth more then money. 
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    Yes its a dick move.

    I had a family memeber to do this to me and its part of the reason we dont speak anymore

    Thats like if you want some beer you dont keep taking beers from someones 12 pack and leave like 10 bucks. You go buy your OWN BEER.

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