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Discussion in 'General' started by 4pawsbmj8, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Hey gc.
    The last 2 week day nights at around the same time a white van drive down the street and take mail from my neighbors. This guy was bold enough to put the van in reverse and put mail back. I haven't seen him go down my side of the street but it still bothers me. Like I'm helping him in his crimes. I would call the cops but I'm high when it happens and my house is full of smoke. I also have ducks in a residential neighborhood and don't want the cops to have animal control take them or cops finding my pipes and shit.

    I'm really stuck on what to do.

    Short story: some one steals the mail in my neighborhood
  2. You guys don't have a block group watch?

    My gated place has security, but also managers that you can call and report or whatever.

    If I personally saw someone opening mailboxes I wouldn't be afraid to askthem what's up.

    Then again, I'm the only one on my street who's been locked up so everyone kind of fears me.
  3. That's fucked up. Maybe everyday when the mailman comes grab the mail and deliver it to your neighbors door? Or just tell them its happening?
  4. Put a venomous snake in one of the boxes...actually, any kind of snake, if I reached into a mailbox at night and got a handful of snake that would be the last time I did it...
  5. It happens at four in the morning. It's a loud car. I'm thinking if I could video tape it or get a picture with the dudes plates I could just take it down to the station.
  6. lol you know, when you call the police you are not instantly put under investigation.....

    or, easier solution, tell the neighbors, they can call...

    Or wait for that guy in some bushes and ambush him on camera..... cant deny the camera man, then all you need to do is hand the vid to the cops, and thats that. They dont need to come inside your home, or see your ducks

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