Stealh Grow, Lots of questions.(PICS)

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  1. Yo whats up all, im gonna try my first grow ever. I still live at home so i have to go with a stealth approach at it. Iv'e been thinking for a long time and iv'e finally come up with the spot to do it where ill for sure be safe. Its in my computer desk where the computer would usually be. Kinda small area but ive looked everywhere in my home and this is deffinitly the best i can do. Heres the specs.

    Height = 2 Foot 2 Inch
    Width = 1 Foot
    Goes Back to Wall = 1 Foot 8 Inch

    I think i deffinitly wanna do it hydroponically if possible...probably gonna have to go with a SCROG. so below are some pics of what I have to work with. Can someone tell me exactly everyhting i need to make this work. Poer of light and other things im gonna kinda concerended about the smell as well...i know i need some kind of carbon scrubber right? well basically can someone just tell me everyhting i need to buy to make this work....i appreciate it so much i wanna get this started ASAP...thanks alot for any help you can give me. HERES THE PICS.

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  3. i think its good cause all the chords needed in the grow will look like they will be for the computer...i plan on possibly adding a lock as well.
  4. HIGH All, your going to need a little more room than that my friend..I suggest waiting till you move from your rents home and then you can have some fun.
  5. I'm not going to try to get an arugement started about growing at home without permission. We've argued that and it's boring. The simple fact is people are going to do what they're going to do and atleast it's not "how can I cook glass without my mom knowing".....

    Ok now that all of that is out of the way, you could grow there but the problem would be height.

    You have plenty of space for a swc system in there. If you don't know what shallow water culture is, it's basically a bubble bucket in a smaller tupperware or similar container. You're going to want something about 3"-6" tall and something that will fit the dimensions of your space. That might be hard with only a foot width.

    The only problem there is that will take you down to about 1' 11" to 1' 8" of vertical space AND you're going to have to get a light in there.... But never say never though.

    Now as far as the distance from the front to the wall. I would try to build some sort of divider because check it out. Assuming you're lucky enough to find a swc that will fit in the space plus about 4" to 8" inches left over from the front to the wall, then you could build a little exhaust fan and build a carbon scrubber and put it in the divided section. Or possibly use the section just to house things like pumps, timers, ballast, surge protector etc.

    I hope some of that makes sense and I'll try to draw a pic for ya.... In the mean time check out this link.

    ^^^^^that's like my favorite grow ever, and I'm sorry if I keep posting that link you guys. It's just the best small stealth grow I think I've ever seen.
  6. thanks alot shortyottomatix that is a very nice grow..i think i mgiht actually use this...ill use this link to make my own. this is perfect...thanks again man.
  7. the one thing i think ill change is using fluros instead of HPS cause in my other topic a member said with HPS in such a small space could be a fire hazard but the fluros wouldnt be.
  8. HIGH All, yup floros would be better...still....mmpphhmmm (Rocdog holding hand over mouth).

    Please keep us informed and if really serious about it...the help is here.
  9. Not a problem bro. I would recomend doing just as the green dragon did. With the sqaure potter and whatnot. That's going to give you a lot more vertical space than swc would.

    You could easily design your own reflector and use cfls. I think it'd be pretty easy to just get a long surge protector, thoose adapters that you screw the bulb into and then plug the other in into the wall (like a buck at wal-mart), and a couple of pop cans and engineer you something up.
  10. something like this maybee?

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