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  1. So my current dillema is that i spent the night at my friends house, Tim.
    i hade $10 and he had $15 and we were on a FUCKING MISSION for the dank nugs last night. he had half a gram of chron-chron and didnt want to smoke it so we were like lets buy some shwag so we find a guy via cell phone to sell us mary,, hes a hookup from a friend we were chillin with. we gave the dude the money to buy the GANJA and this asshole doesnt call or text us at all and we think he jewed us out but he supposedly trustworthy and wouldnt do that but we were like "FUCK IT" lets smoke the chron. and we did and got highhhhhh as a muthafucka:):smoking:

    But i still want my fucking money back:mad:
  2. Never front and expect that money back.

    If you front money, you're willing to lose it, so think of the worst then work up.
  3. Yeah don't give money unless you have the thing you are buying in your hand. You got hustled.
  4. Yeah it sucks. I was gonna buy 40, 10mg percocets for $300 and got robbed at gun point.
  5. well, it's a lesson people usually have to learn the hard way...but luckily it only cost you 10$ to learn it. ;) from now on, always go with philosophy of "no weed? no money." never front money in this market...too many assholes out there. this is one of nearly a billion reasons why i grow my own now. :smoke:
  6. dealers who only deal weed are generally pretty trustworthy as weed is a harmless plant, not a drug. anyone who thinks otherwise is a fucking retard who can't think on their own, and probably has no friends.

    dealers who also deal like coke heroin benzos usually arent as trustworthy unless your friends with them

    dealers who deal acid or shrooms are usually nice as well.

    thats just in general though yeah definitely never give up your money til u get the product unless they pull out a gun and are going to kill you then give it up def.
  7. u gave a guy u don't know money to get u bud. him stealing your money didn't cross your mind at all? next time go with him to get it
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    whether marijuana is a hard drug or not is entirely irrelevant. it's the fact that marijuana is worth A LOT of money, and profit margins are astronomical (it sells for 10-50x's what it costs to grow it). it's basic economics in an unregulated, uncontrolled and un-policed market, and the result of it is that people become greedy and often untrustworthy because the profit margins associated with weed growing, dealing and distribution attract people who are more interested in the money than the drug. sure, many dealers are trustworthy. but nearly every smoker out there has been screwed at one point or another by their regular dealer, whether by stealing their money straight up or by skimping them on a couple grams on the ounce they bought. this is why i grow my own weed and never sell a single gram to anyone. now i no longer support or otherwise am involved in this uncontrolled market that all too often supports bad people.

    again, not everyone in the weed market is bad like this; there are many good people out there keeping the market going as it is. but don't sit there and say that anyone who thinks otherwise is a retard, can't think on their own and has no friends. that is just naive....the weed market is not all roses and peaches. (not to mention that that is a pretty 16 yr old thing to say :rolleyes: )

  9. I dont think a jew would steal your money. so i take offence to you saying "jewed"

  10. I agree completely about the dealers, I meant anyone who thinks weed isn't a harmless plant is a retard. Sorry should have worded it better.
  11. Shouldv'e just smoked the goods and waited til today to pick up.Stop being an addict.

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