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    I'm about to turn 23 and i've never truly started a workout plan. I never go to the gym and just recently started watching what I eat more. I've been told by friends for years that "You could be HUUUGE!!" and am always being asked why I didn't play football. So I think i'm going to give it a try finally. 
    I'm currently 6'6, 215 lbs. I've been as big as 250 but lost a lot of weight at a job that required me to walk literally 10 miles a day. I've conducted somewhat of a plan and will use this thread to keep everything organized and monitored. Any input, advice, questions, ANYTHING that helps would be greatly appreciated. 
    Diet Plan
    • Proteins
    Eggs, chicken, fish. Foods that enhance body strength and provide energy for exercise.
    • Carbohydrate and fat
    Large quantities of rice, potatoes, wheat and yams. Carbohydrates for energy, which is useful for metabolism. 
    • Supplements
    Protein supplements four times per day. 
    Typical meal
    6 mini meals
    Meal 1
    • 6 egg whites
    • Oatmeal (Large bowl)
    Meal 2
    • Protein Shake with high protein and low sugar. 
    Meal 3
    • Pasta and Chicken breast large size
    Meal 4
    • Only Protein Shake
    Meal 5
    • Steak
    • Broccoli
    • Baked potato
    Meal 6
    • Only Protein Shake
    I don't think I need to reduce the amount of fats. Most of my friends for the most part eat what they want and are ok. Eating healthy and taking exercise sessions according to a plan will be sufficient in my opinion.
    Exercise Program
    1 hour run to stay lean. Running enhances metabolism and burn fats. I will start by setting a timed goal of 1 mile and try to reduce that time at the start of each week. My goal is to beat my previous time each week. As my physical fitness improves i'll run more.
    1st day - Back training sessions.
    2<sup>nd</sup> day - Chest sessions.
    3<sup>rd</sup> day - Legs' training.
    Plyometrics, shoulders and arms on other days. Plyometrics to enhance consumption of body mass and increase agility.
    Day 1: Back
    Day 2: Chest

    Day 3: Legs

    Day 4: Plyometrics

    This day would consist of a full-body workout using plyometric movements with the focus being on core strength and stability, speed and agility.

    Day 5: Shoulders
    Day 6: Arms

  2. Eat the whole egg
  3. Def eat the whole egg, the yolk is most nutritious part.  Any reason you didn't include red meat?
    No need to eat that many meals unless you want too.  I'd also mix it up a bit, that menu is going to get old, quick.
    You will be overtraining imo.  I would do a Starting Strength routine 3x a week and maybe a sprint day 1 day a week.
    Thanks for the response. I probably should work my way into it instead of everything so quick. I have a lot of time on my hands and need to keep my mind busy so I was thinking 5-6 days a week would be good. I guess I should spread it out some. 
  5. Sounds like a plan, and bring a buddy along for your workouts, it makes it so much better.

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    don't overdo it on protein shakes.
    no fruits or veggies but lots of rice and pasta... i'd switch those around. 
    on your workout why 8-10 reps? for getting big most recommend 8 max rep per set.
    google wannabebig routines. they have been used for about 15 years now with great results by lots of people. 
    edit: need to add deadlifts.
    The original post isn't ALL I plan on eating. There will certainly be fruits and vegetables, but rice and pasta are a must. I will definitely checkout the wannabebig routines as well. Thanks for the input. 

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