staying up all night.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Mushie, May 27, 2009.

  1. and i need someone to talk to?

    any blades up for some conversation about anything?

    just start up a topic haha. :wave:
  2. how bout them Nuggets last night and them magic tonight?

    sorry dawg

    Im lame.. haa
  3. yes your to lame to talk to me, anyone else?

    haha im kiddin bro.

    gotta love the nuggets of herb and the magic mush

    add a little acid and some good rolls a pack of newports and your set! :D
  4. I might be up all night too.. hopefully picking up some acid, and might drop it and take some hawaiian baby woodrose seeds... oh and i've got a decent amount of bud, so.. tonights lookin pretty sweet :)
  5. Nice OP, and thats sick L Rag, Im just high off a bunch of bowls of dank, have fun trippin, my buddy has about 100 sugar cubes so Im also set for the summer.
  6. Idk if it was BZP or meth?

    Not worth the money thouuu.
  7. I'll be here for the next hour and half at least... then I'll have to start getting ready for work. I took a little nap this afternoon, so no hope to sleep for me tonight.

    What are y'alls plans for tomorrow ? I'm going to try and scoop up some tickets to the Yanks/Rangers game off craigslist. My uncle is a huuuge Yank's fan, and we had planned on going to all the games while they were in town. He hasn't had money for tickets, so we haven't went to the 2 games that have been played here so far. Hoping it will be a cool surprise for him...
  8. twack mode.
  9. I ended up driving to a good friends house and munching on some boomers.

    Im tired as shit haha

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