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Staying productive while high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Brasou, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. So yeah, woo first post!

    Anyway.... So the past week iv been smoking a fair bit of weed on a more daily basis. But iv noticed that I get nearly nothing done. My room is a mess, laundry isn't done, haven't been doing homework( as much). I really like doing things while stoned but most of the time I just end up vegging out infront of the computer in my room.

    Does anyone have any tips on staying productive while stoned? I was thinking making a daily "todo" list, haven't tested that yet haha. Anyway... What do you guys think?
  2. Get your shit done before you smoke. When I'm at home I always have like 20 things that I want to do. Then I smoke and say "lets do it tomorrow." Then the next day comes I have all these plans and then "lets do it tomorrow". I just want to chill.

    I would suggest just doing what you gotta do first before you smoke if thats the case.
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  3. stop being a lazy fuck and get your shit done. its really all mental. just get it done. or like kronik said, get your shit done first.

    this is why stoners get a bad name.
  4. I am very productive off a little weed like 2 amall hits or around half a bowl. I am productive and more interested cause im just high enough for to make everything that much more interesting.
  5. Exactly. The key here is not getting baked, but getting buzzed, You can get anything done on a buzz, and enjoy whatever it is thoroughly. Get baked when you have no responsibilities.
  6. Yeah the getting too high is a good point if you're the type of person that only likes to just chill baked. This is understandable but you can do your business high, its my favorite thing to do.

    But you can do it before like they said cuz theres no better feeling than smoking when you have nothing to do.
  7. This.
  8. Do you homework, clean up your room, get shit done. Then smoke up.
    I don't thing you'd like doing your homework while stoned sicne there are loads of other fun things to do.
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    i am pretty productive after smoking a tiny little bit, but after a joint or two there is no way i'm working or doing anything tedious, so i just get all my shit sorted before i smoke, treat it almost as a reward for finishing your jobs.:)
    but yeah when you're high, i dunno, the hardest bit is actually getting off the sofa or bed or whatever, once i'm past that, i'm almost sorted:D
  10. Easy settle down. I'm not trying to tarnish the pot head name or anything lol. Clearly one solution is to not smoke, and thats what iv been doing, but doing shit while high is alot funer. And I'm not talking while being blasted I mean while you have a good buzz. So back to the question.... Any tips for being productive while high? also I find if I finish all my stuff I have to so while I'm sober I just do nothing while I'm high.... Kinda a waste( yet I do it anyway)

    Posted from my phone. Sorry for bad formating and typos.

    Edit: just FYI I'm 20.... Reread my first post sounds like I'm 14 or something hehe
  11. Yeah, like people are saying... it's all mental. I'd rather chill and lounge out after smoking, but sometimes ya just gotta get stuff done. I'm about to smoke and watch a biochemistry lecture online :( Gotta do what you gotta do!
  12. Try smoking less, maybe just one toke and start doing shit. If you start to feel like just sitting around, remind yourself that you are stoned and need to get shit done. I have found that if i smoke a indica dominant strain, its harder for me to be productive but when its sativa i seem to be able to get shit done easier.
  13. i used to be one lazy bastard, never got anything done and waited til the next day to do it

    but noow ive just been forcing myself to get shit done, and its been working =D also helps if you got yer headfones on to listen to some tunes while yer getting yer shit done
  14. i've found there are stoners who like to clean while high (including me). for example: i decided to clean my car, so i washed it. I have well water and it's a bitch to get the water spots off, but spray on wax will almost completely clear it up. BUT, spray on wax will leave streaks and I'm very meticulous when it comes to cleaning my car so my shit needs to be damn near flawless. So each panel I sprayed I hit my bong, and after each hit I got more determined to get it show quality. Long story short, I put 1 coat of spray wax to clean up the water marks, 1 coat of polishing compound, then 1 last coat of gold class wax... I was so high all i could say was fuckin' right every time i stood back and took it's glory in.
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  15. Well, I would first try out a more Sativa type blend of herb, See if that kicks your butt into gear a bit...:) If not though, One motivating thing I do when I'm stuck smoking Indica, Every time I think "Ah, I gotta go to the post office" Normally you think, Eh I'll do it tomorrow. I forced myself into immediatly thinking....."I could die tomorrow, So I better get shit done today."

    That in itself has made me productive......and a little depressed, haha J/K, Keep your realism face on :)
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  16. I agree with all the above, especially picking a sativa. I had a small nug of Alaskan Thunderfuck after Halloween, god was that stuff great, I got so much done on it, it had such a time warp, but it was the reverse of usual.
  17. It's been said, it's all mental man. I know what it's like and it can get pretty frustrating but you have to find some way to get shit done. Some people do it while high, some people do it before they smoke. I usually always start my day with a Wake n' Bake, but I'll tell myself that I can't light up again until I get certain things done, that way everything ends up finished by the evening. I find weed to be a pretty good incentive, even after years of smoking every day.

    Oh I'm new here. What's up guys and ladies?
  18. If i have stuff to do i'll just smoke a joint and do it.
  19. I sorta disagree. When I smoke indica, my body is relaxed and feels good, whereas my mind (except for my eyesight) is clear. When I smoke sativa, my body doesn't feel that different, maybe just heavy, but my mind is the one pumping orgasmically with thoughts.
  20. Nearly died laughing when I read that! Will definitely have to keep that one in mind

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