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Staying Awake to smoke more?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sloppyjoe, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Is it just me or do other people try to stay away longer because the high is seeming to get better and better? I guess I am asking b/c I have a great Indica right now that is a cool ass buzz & it makes me want to chill longer and schmoke moe! and MOE!!! I love it! So what say you? ever been there? JOE>
  2. yes right now, watching the office, ripped and getting in the shower. Girl bringing food. smoking white widow i grew myself, bout to get my dicksucked. paaaaaaaaaaaceee:smoke:
  3. Hmm if I understand your question if I am tired after smoking I just go to bed. But if I am already high then yeah sometimes I feel like smoking more.
  4. moe. the band?
  5. hahah lucky man.. sounds like you've got an awesome night ahead of you
  6. right fucking now. hahahahahaha:smoke:
  7. I used to do what you're inquiring about, OP, until the nocturnal seizures started happening.:( FML.

    Now when I start feeling tired, I make sure I go to sleep!
  8. If I start getting tired when I smoke, I go to bed. I smoke to relax and sleeping relaxes me lol.
  9. I've had times where I stay awake to smoke, where my mom's in the other room and I have to wait til she falls asleep, but no. Usually I have like 30 minutes to an hour of intense high and then the next 2-3 hours is the buzz just starting to wear off.
  10. i'd rather go to sleep and wake up with some bud left over.
  11. I've definitely stayed up entire nights smoking to keep myself high. Hell I just stayed up all of this last night chilling on this forum and roaming the net.
  12. The military trained me to get four hours of sleep at night and even after 17 years I still get about four hours of sleep a night. There is too much I'd rather be doing, seeing, experiencing, etc and I can sleep all I want when I'm dead. I say, stay up and enjoy as much as you can!
  13. Sometimes when its ealy ill just smoke morre cause i feel like it gives me some energy. But then im twice as tired when i come down.
  14. My high's when I get tired are AWESOMME. I know exactly what your talking about.
  15. I always try to not do this and conserve for the next day, but alas, I always end up doing this at night, even though after by second bowl pack in the bong, I start saying "Alright, last one. I'm going to bed after this" before each bowl I load up afterwards.

    Something about bong rips all night and Comedy Central/Adult Swim is just amazing to me.
  16. i WOULD be in this situation BUUT this bitch im datin is like a pot nazi!! :rolleyes:
  17. You took the words right out of my mouth. My favorite time to smoke out of my bong is at night. i love the shows on those channels at night, and they're even better high.:smoking:
  18. I stayed awake last night hangin' out with my homeboys smokin' my ass off while watching a retarded ass movie that they thought was funny. I def. woulda been much happier watchin' Adult Swim with you blades:smoke:. The Duke's of Hazzard is an extremely shitty movie and the only reason anybody paid to see that piece of shit film was to see Jessica Simpson who really isn't that damn hot to begin with. IDK, maybe that's just me. Country bitches aren't my cup of tea.
  19. haha fuck yeaa, and its hilarious i'll wake up in the morning with a half hit bowl, xbox controller on the ground, xbox on and message saying "kicked for inactivity".. time to finish off that bowl haha
  20. i do that all the time when i have the bud. I'll sit on my balconey for hours just smoking bong bowl after bong bowl, and enjoying the night time. Very peaceful. I can waste 5 hours doing that

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