StayHighAllDay is a dude!

Discussion in 'General' started by AustinPowers, May 7, 2011.

  1. Yeah he just tricked me into thinking he was a girl and I totally fell for it.:cry:
    but then I was like :bongin:
    and now I'm like :hippie:

  2. Hahahahahah :smoke: Got you that bad huh?
  3. No chick has a picture of a big tit Asian girl as their av.
  4. Aww someone just tried to cyber, didn't they :p
  5. Lol yeah he told me it was her in the avatar too. God, I'm too gullible.
  6. i'm a girl and that's me in my avatar
  7. Yeah bro, that's me in my avatar. :smoke:
  8. ITT: Guys that we thought were chicks


    Edit: Now I'm listening to their music.
  9. did a dude on the internet give you a boner?

  10. *Cannot be unseen* :(
  11. im a dude do you want to trade homoerotic stories

  12. That's believable.
  13. Lol, I sent him pictures too. Kinda creeped out now.
  14. Hahaha, this just gets better and better
  15. And so I ride up, butt-naked on a throbbing stallion. I ask you, do you want to dance?
  16. To add to the guys you thought were chicks;


    Brian Molko, everybody :wave:
  17. lmao....
  18. Also ITT: Videos that almost led us into a trap

    [ame=]YouTube - Tokio Hotel - Monsoon[/ame]

    Try being high out of your mind, watching this video and thinking "She's kind of cute" but at the same time not knowing. Getting your ass up and making sure on google only to find out it has a cock.

  19. This thread won from the start.

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