Stay with middleman or use his dealer?

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Trusty middleman or main supplier (possibly sketchy)

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  1. So ive been buying weed from an acquaitance (sorry spelling) for $10 a gram and hes been buying off a supplier. Just in case, my middleman gave me his main supplier's contact. The thing is, the middleman is like a 3 minute bike ride away from my house and we're the same age, but the main dealer drives, doesnt live in my town, and is significantly older than both of us. My middleman is friends with the dealer so he gets the good weed, which is later sold to me. Since i do get intimidated easily since im a skinny asian guy, i dont want the dealer to take advantage of me and charge me more or give me low quality weed, since we are complete strangers. should i stay with my trusty middleman or risk going up to the main supplier for a slight chance of lower prices.
  2. Stay with the middleman or ask him to straight up introduce and vouch for you to the dealer. Good dealers will be sketch about picking up any new people, might just tell you to fuck off lol.
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  3. Ask your friend for better deals full weights for spending more, I used to spend £50-£90 just buying standard grams I cut out the middle man and Now I get 7-14gs for £45 depending what the the main guy pays himself, he usually grows himself so I get more for less money
  4. If you're only buying $10 a g at a time or in small, small amounts, why bother going bigger? It sounds like you're young and you don't have intentions other than a small pick up here or there. Stick to the middleman if you don't smoke that much unless you want to pick up a bigger quantity. If you smoke daily, why bother dealing with an inferior dealer? You say you're nervous about the guy but it's a valuable skill in life to make connections and step outside of your comfort zone. If your dealer gave you the guy's number, he can't be upset if you go around him to get a better deal. You don't owe him loyalty unless $10 a g is rare to find in your area.

    If you don't smoke much, then stay in your comfort zone. If you smoke daily and want to save money and broaden your horizons, talk to the new guy without being so sketched out. Your middle man sounds like a regular kid selling a little on the side and I can't tell if your dealer's dealer will offer you a better deal. Buy in bulk of at least an eighth or more from the guy who drives if you can get a better price. Stay safe and use common sense with gut instincts and you'll be fine. Good luck either way and happy toking!
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