stay safe blades and bladettes

Discussion in 'General' started by O/-/-ni, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. as we all now im sure 4/20 is tommor and were all gonna be blitzed outa our minds so stay safe people dont get caught or in any accidents and most of all HAVE FUN:hello:
  2. Yeah definatley.

    Right back at you, O/\/\ni.

    It's going to be a superb day. I feel like it's christman eve.... i'm not even joking... :D
  3. tomarrow i'm gunna throw on some marley sit back with my 1/2 0 and smoke my ass off...
  4. Amen, I can't wait. I might actually be hitting up some headshops in baltimore this evening, then tomorrow taking a hike and getting baked between classes at a local huge park!

    edit--and this dude that borderline mooches off me is offering to smoke me out all day with some dank he acquired!!! I<3 good karma
  5. Hallelujah! I cannot fucking wait!

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