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'Stay for our sake': US urges Britain to remain in EU

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Deleted member 472633, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. 'Stay for our sake': US urges Britain to remain in EU
  2. Its amazing how open they are about the NWO and still people think its a.conspiracy.
  3. Interesting to see the outcome of the referendum...if it occurs.

    Does anyone have insight on 'America's interests' in the situation?

  4. If the UK leaves the EU then that makes the EU look like a failure which in turn will hurt the EU economy and the euro which could cause the EU to go into a recession. Then the EU would drag the US into a recession.

    At this point all it takes is one car being pulled out and the whole house falls.
  5. Would not be surprised if the Germans and French got Obama to do this or perhaps in fact the British government themselves.
    The British have been crying about leaving the EU for the last 20 years and there has been talk of a referendum for as long as i can recall.

    About as much chance of this happening as there is of Israel hosting a welcome party for Hamas in Tel Aviv. :)

    It would be economic suicide for the Brits to walk.
  6. ^ I agree especially if you read British Media you'll notice that the semi libertarian party under Nigel Farage that wants to leave the EU, is being targeted by the state and is currently having to deal with mass propaganda saying that they are "racists." I wonder if Mr. Obama gave Mr. Cameron that little pointer.
  7. The UK have much to gain and little to lose by leaving the EU, or at least re-negotiate the terms of membership.

    For one thing, they'd get their democracy back.

    It will have repercussions naturally. Both for the UK and for the EU. But one good thing that could come from it, apart from UK independence once again, is forcing the anti-democratic forces of the EU beurocracy to think again before attempting to snatch more power from the already reduced to insignificance voters of the EU countries.

    The EU was a good idea when it meant industrial and economic standardization and cooperation. The common market is fine. But the Euro and not least super-national override of the various nations own democratic institutions and voter input is a disaster for Europe.

  8. Who knows ?
    Farage is a clever politician. Support for his party is climbing in the latest polls and he could do major damage to Cameron's Tories in the next election.

    Cameron is i doubt not in anyway serious about leaving the EU. It would be economic suicide. Over 50% of UK exports are to EU countries.
    Business leaders in the UK are up in arms at the thought of the UK pulling out and are very vocal in their assessments of such a move.

    The UK is not the economic powerhouse it once was and pulling out of Europe would be a big risk. Politicians don't like risk especially when they are in power.
  9. Okay, pulling out of the EU doesn't mean severing all economic ties.

    There's still a bunch of European free trade agreements, that non EU countries are also in.

    Does pulling out of the EU mean that all agreements are revoked? Honest question here, I'm not completely aware how that stuff works.
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    If the UK did decide to bolt how they would be dealt with would be up to the remaining countries in the bloc.
    It would i am sure not be taken well by other EU countries and could result in the UK being treated as a pariah of sorts.

    At the moment Cameron is saying he wants to renegotiate the UK's membership and conditions. If the rest of the EU says no, then it is either stay put or go it alone. I am no expert on the EU but i cannot see France or Germany agreeing to a new deal for the UK.
  11. I guess it would be up to the UK to maintain good relationships with those countries then. I don't see how that couldn't be achieved.

    Maintain free trade, and have more sovereignty.

    I do not see negative effects on other EU countries if the UK left.
    As you have said, it isn't the economic powerhouse it once was, they already have their own currency, aren't part of the Schengen area... they might as well just save themselves before they become a Greece or Spain.

  12. Might not be as straight forward as that if the UK exit. The Germans are already talking tough with warnings regarding problems the UK would have negotiating new trade agreements with EU countries.

    Cameron's partner in government Clegg (Lib Dems) is also very much against an exit.

    Germany tells Cameron: don't blackmail the EU | World news |

  13. ITA. The Brits need the EU to remain economically viable.

  14. Its the EU thats blackmailing the UK, like it or not the European Union members have signed a suicide pact, they let their lofty idealism lead them to economic destruction. At this point if the UK left the EU it would be economically attacked by the EU member countries, through tariffs and maybe even sanctions. To me this is sad but it really is a reflection on how governments work and the nature of government itself. :smoking:
  15. I see the EU as a good thing. It pulls down the borders and creates a huge open market. That's what Europe needs.
  16. The Schengen Agreement does that not the EU.
  17. Reading post #8 by Aries led me to think (not opinion just thoughts) that the UK leaving the EU would damage confidence/investments in the EU and member states, putting further strain on the members' revenue, leading to less money for buying goods/services from the UK.

    Is this way off base? Just trying to learn here.
  18. As suspected Cameron is just playing to those in the UK who detest being in the EU for nationalist reasons. He will give the UK public a referendum on Europe in 2018 if they return him to power in the next election.

    Cameron waves the carrot. :rolleyes:

    David Cameron 'To Offer EU Referendum In 2018' In Dutch Speech
  19. The real reason the UK nor any other country can be allowed to leave?

    1. It would end the dream of the 'European Project' (aka US of Europe) that so many little authoritarians are begging for.

    2. Once one country leaves, other countries will want to leave too.

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