stay bulking.... or start cutting...

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by dc123, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Hey guys I need some help with my weightlifting problem.

    I've been bulking, lifting heavy weights this winter and I'm getting bigger and stronger... as well as putting on some bulk weight.

    But summer is rolling around the corner and I think I'm trying to start cutting...really make the muscles show.

    However, I like getting big and strong. It's awesome. Do you think I could do both?

    Maybe still bulking weights routine, but with added cardio and a lower calorie diet for cutting?

    Super baked, kind of confused about what I even said up here ^ and if it makes sense.

    I hope everyone gets what I'm trying to ask?
  2. Kinda in the same boat as you man, but Im gonna stick with bulking. Its really hard to tell you what to do without knowing your lifts and seeing a pic of your body at this point. Tell me how much you are lifting for your deadlift, squat, bench press, and overhead press to start. A pic would be helpful but I understand if you don't wanna post one, not my thing either. Assuming you're just eating a ton right now you can try switching over to a clean bulk. That basically means eliminating the really fatty foods from your diet along with the other crap (soday, candy etc.) Doing this would prlly drop enough calories without it being too much. Also some cardio, like 15 min high intesity session, either after you lift or on your off days. Don't go for too long as you'll start to lose more weight than you would like. It is possible to get bigger and stronger while minimizing fat gain. I have not found an ideal way to do it yet, everyone has there own sweet spot for calories needed and how much cardio. Also remember that there is no way to spot reduce, meaning that you won't just lose the fat around your abs but fat from all over your body as well. Let me know how it goes
  3. Yeah I think i'm gonna just stay getting big but play more basketball or run on the treadmill every other day.
  4. This will only hurt your gains; though clean bulking makes it look like you are losing weight, because if you aren't gaining much fat, it starts spreading out.

    Just pick one or the other.

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