stay away from those orange phones !

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by wein-dog12, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. yeah thats right those orange ecxtasy pills with a phone stamped into them there terrible well you do catch a very nice buzz from them but once you come down it's the most terrible feeling ever i feel so strung out right now its horrible
  2. got any pins?
  3. yeah pop some bars or some kpins. i feel for you, man. :(
  4. ahhh man im telling ya it's brutal the roll felt like a meth bomb to me or atleast had very little mdma in it and a lot of somthing else because i was alert and on the go but absolutly no euphoria and the most absolutly horrid come down....can someone direct me as to what could be in the rolls thanks !
  5. Meth. I took a roll before reaching Disneyland on our senior trip day, and 24 hours later, I couldn't fucking sleep! My body was tired and my mind was awake. Any chance you share similar symptoms?

    If you've got some bud, specifically indica dominant, try smoking that?
  6. Reread and saw that you had no euphoria... maybe a crapload of caffeine?

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