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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Squishey, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. I've heard lots of people like Stavia weed better than indica. But how do these words define the kind of weed? is it a different kind of thc? what is the difference between the feeling?
    Sorry if this sounds dumb :p
  2. one is a body high the other a head high
  3. Ok. Is stavia less common?
  4. Sativa - cerebral high
    Indica- Body High
    Sativa isnt less common just depends on what weed your dealer likes to get.
    i like a mix of both.....Sativa more kinda...
  5. its sativa ^
    not stavia [:

    to squishey
  6. =0
    kk thnx
  7. sativa's generally make you more energetic, while indicas give you more of the stoned type of feeling. I like mixes of them the best though.
  8. From personal experience and mild research I have come to the conclusion:

    Cannabis Sativa: Typically grown in Mexico, South America and Southeast Asia. Categorized by tall, light green, fast growing plants with long, thin leaves. Sativa produces a higher yield of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) than CBD (cannabidiol). This ratio results in a cerebral, soaring, energetic head high.

    Cannabis Indica: Typically grown in Afghanistan, Morocco and other Middle Eastern countries. Plants are categorized by short, dense, stubby bushes that tend to exhibit a darker green color. Indica contains a higher yield of CBD than THC and contains large amounts of CBL (cannabicyclol), a sleep inducing cannabinoid. This provides a heavier, sleepy, relaxing body high.

    Hope this helps. Also, I am not sure as to what strains of cannabis belong to which family (possible new thread?), but its not too hard to determine after you toke. :)

  9. I prefer sativas, but i usually smoke indicas and before last week hadnt had a sativa in almost 6 months, so when i was smoking, i couldnt tell i was high until i was WAY too high
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    both strains make about the same amount of THC. ive read that sativa is usually a bit higher, and ive read that indica is higher. so who knows which source is correct.

    as for one being better then the other, its pure user preference. like most people, i enjoy a good hybrid (mix between both types).

    indica: gives a good body buzz. sometimes can make you drowsy, but a good body buzz with some drowisness means ultimate relaxation. indica's give you the stoned "couch lock" feeling, where you just wanna sit down and watch TV or play some videogames.

    sativa: more of a cerebral/mental high. often heavy sativa strains make clear my mind, and in some cases make me feel "dopey". which, again, is good.

    its hard to explain being high, and often its hard to explain the difference between the two because many times you do not know exactly what your smoking. ive gotten pretty good at determining whether a weed is indica or sativa dominant tho.

    -also, ive read that the THC in both plants is the same. it's the other substances CBN/CBD that effect the high. CBN/CBD is not as prevailent in sativas, and these substances are what give a body buzz/drowsy feeling. i could be wrong, but thats what i remember reading.

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