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Status on states that HAVENT passed a MMJ bill?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by herbalpainkilla, May 12, 2011.

  1. Quick question for you guys on here. Im in the process of finding a place to move (out of state, far the fuck away from here!) and it is a must that I live in a MMJ state.

    However, I was wondering if theres anywhere that has updated status' on states that are in the PROCESS of legalizing it?

    Because like I said, I'm moving soon and moving to a MMJ state is a must so I can medicate legally. But I want a bigger picture on the states that are SOON to pass bills. All I can find is info on states that have ALREADY passed it, but I want to widen my horizons and moving options to states that are on the brink of MMJ. I wont be moving until another year or so, so thats another reason.

    May be a stupid question, and I know that the bill must get passed first, but is there anywhere I can get some info on states that haven't passed a MMJ bill, but states that have the ball rollin on MMJ.
  2. PA hasn't even legalized glass yet so that leaves you with 49 states.

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