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Static Shock's MN pickup thread

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by static shock, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. decided i would start posting up more bud shots on GC so i made a pickup thread.
    This weeks special is some Grape Ape. Unremarkable smell to these buds i couldn't help but to keep my head in the bag.:D
    Got a half pictured, fluffy looking nugs with a super coated amount of trichomes! love the look, smell, and smoke of these. Paid 180$
    full bag;
  2. I've been getting this a lot in my area. Nice pickup! 612 represent!
  3. just pickd that up last week buds look identical. also from the 612/763 area
  4. hell yeah bomb bud reppin the 763!
  5. im over in the 320 but my connect is 763. hell yeah mn stoners all day:smoke::smoke:
  6. bump.
    wake and bake sesh after my first and last class of today.
  7. gonna update later with some "agent orange":hello:
  8. nice lookin buds bro.
  9. agent orange.
    love this bud. smoke report later but hes some choice photos:D

    grape ape nugget
  10. I've smoked both of these! last week actually, yay for Minnesota buds. This could be a little bit far fetched but par chance did you snag any of those purple Connie Chongs?

  11. hahah what?! i missed out on that.. apparently it didnt work its way this way. the only other strain my guy had was GOO which was quite good. :D
    i loved the grape ape. the taste is what everyone liked about it. bout about a qp of that in one weeek. :smoke::smoke::smoke:
    the agent orange is a little more expensive but i like the high! its so dense and smells like strong cheese. very unique though, at least i thought. very mind bending sativa high that i enjoy. smoked about .8 in my friends inline bubbler zong. got quite ripped.
  12. I've been finding a lot of fellow mn tokers on here!!! Rep 763 all day!!! This bowl is for yall
  13. of hell yeah Minnesota smokers are around the city. lol
    thanks man this update is for you.:cool:
    just got some lemon diesel it looks pretty bomb but i havent smoked any of it yet. got a nice deal from a different dealer this time.

    edit: natural lighting wiill look better in the morning!
  14. No love for the new lemon diesel?
    I smoked a chillum of it this morning and got a little high but i was loooking to getting high before class today.
    The most notable thing about the new bud was the taste. At first my mouth was flooded with the taste of some very pungent diesel, but as i exhale i taste the lemon "undertones" comes through. i quote the word undertones because the taste of lemons is mostly masked by the diesel overpowering taste. :D
    Pictures later when i steal a friends camera.

  15. That's some tastey looking bud dude, I can't seem to find anything that nice. This is what Im smoking on as I type this
    Not bad at all but nothing compared to your shit!! Toke on Bro

  16. thanks man although you look like you got some flame.
    i am going to have a new strain tommorow so look forward to it :hello::hello::hello:
    smoke it up tonight GC, and show this thread some love blades.


  17. Post that shit man!! Let's get a mn pick up thread going!!!
  18. nice pick ups i agree lets start a all MN pick up thread. i just need a camera lol
  19. MN, for the win. Fuck the cold though.

    180$ for a half I'm assuming? Also dank looking shit man. Enjoy.
  20. yup.. that normally what i paid for grape ape and blue dream and such..

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