statewide nevada legalization is on the ballot for november 2006

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  1. :hello: statewide nevada legalization is on the ballot for november 2006, read more for details "" ( if this link doesn't work for your computer check the , then click on state law for nevada, then select nv news on the left side of the screen for the exact artical I derived this infomation from today.

    What we need is pot smokers to move to nevada in time to register to vote. I read voters must register a month before poll time. I found rent in Las Vegas Nevada at less than $400 a month for a one bedroom apartment. Yahoo real estate listed many apartments to chose from in VEGAS.:metal:

  2. It wont pass, do you know how many soccer moms will be out and about with posters for weeks on end?
  3. That just means you nevadians need to be on the ball with REAL facts and information.

    Good luck Nevada!
  4. paranoia, do you know how many stoners will be out advertising legalization?
  5. Not enough because majority of smokers are highschoolers and college students without the will to go out and do so and even if they did they dont know any facts anyway
  6. yeh, i heard that Nevada might be the first state to do an all out legalization. I grew up there and know that drugs are a big part of the culture over there. When decriminalization came up, it nearly passed with a big ol 36 or 48 percent (i forget which at the moment) and medical mj passed with 46 percent. I'm hoping that this legalization will happen as moving home will be even more enjoyable after this last year of college. anyways, I'll probably go home in november to make sure my vote is counted on this issue for which I obviously feel strongly about.

    and paranoia, just to let you know, I will most likely be printing out mpp's brochures in regards to this and handing them out everywhere I can find to pick up the slack for most of the stoners out there, my friend who said that legalization could never happen because of the stoner mentality behind activity will have to be proven wrong in this case, and if it has to be done by me, then so be it. I promised myself that given the right circumstances I would stand up for my beliefs in regards to this and I will not back down.
  7. i am all with you infinite, i am gunna be out there votin and bringin many friends.

    and paranoa yes alot of the stoners are highschool and college students, but every single stoner is gunna be out there that is old enough to vote and plus there are lots of adult stoners.

    as a kid when i was in high school i would always smoke with my best friends DAD (at the time in his 50'syears old) Sister (in her 20's) and my friends brother which was also in his 20s. this goes to show there are adult stoners especially in Nevada.

    but anyways i will be out there and i hope that we are the first state to fully decriminalize it, if not this year it will probably be in the next few years.
  8. if it passed that would be one step closer to justice !1!
  9. This should be much more effective than the 2002 attempt with increased knowledge about Marijuana use!

    If it is passed for Nevada, then I feel the domino theory will come into play.
  10. i sure hope the domino theory does happen. that'd be the best thing since.. well ever, it would be the best thing ever
  11. from what i have heard, it has been on the ballot before, but didnt pass
    also, if it were somehow passed, it would get overturned(before it was even put into effect) due to marijuana being illegal in federal law which would overpower a state law
  12. cummon sixer i was in a happy mood and u just were a downer for that lol

    although it may be true i dont want to hear that lol

  13. actually, if i remember correctly in my senior government class the teacher was saying that a state can legalize just about anything or lower the drinking age, but if this was done it would cut out a percent of government funding to the state...

    i aint the damn president so i really couldnt tell you, but if i learned anything from government class, i learned about drug laws

  14. College students make up the majority of all protests, rallies, and riots in America.

    Have you tried this thing called optimism? It does wonders for people like you. You act as if you secretly want it to fail simply so you can laugh about it. Would you rather someone else take the first step torwards a better tomorrow? I mean personally I think Nevada being the first is a perfect idea. Isn't Las Vegas also known as Sin City? It makes perfect sense that they'd be first. The fact that prostitution and gambling are already free and legal means it has a fighting chance.

    And even if it does fail its still a first step. Gotta crawl before we can walk and gotta walk before we can fly. If it fails its simply the first step. More and more people are becoming aware and things are going to change. Its simply the way it is. Once the old guard from the Reefer Madness II movement gets out of power things are going to become our way. Just a matter of time.

  15. Not to mention there is no federal law stating marijuana is illegal. That legislation is the Tax act of 1937. As long as the ganja being sold is taxed and Uncle Sam gets his cut then they can legalize it.
  16. lol, in high school a lot of my friends hired prostitutes and lied about their age. my hs was fucked up, but still, it was pretty strange. weed was EVERYWHERE, but coke and acid were definately the more popular drugs. I didn't do weed back then, but it's prevalence had a big hand in me figuring out alot about it.

    I agree that if any place was going to legalize, Nevada would be the first. Personally I think it will start out kind of like Mexico with small amounts being legal before larger amounts, but I'm hoping that an oz. or less can be on you and two to six plants in your home be acceptable legally . . . who knows.
  17. see that makes me wonder whether or not the government will cut state funding if ganja is legalized .. .
  18. There has been so many steps toward legalization lately. Pretty soon it will be legal everywhere :)
  19. Yeh, but personally, and this is just a feeling mind you, but I think there's going to be one last push towards total criminalization and harsher penalties before the general public wakes up and says no. That's my 2 cents on that anyway.

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