STATES that Grow Gigantic Outdoor Ganja?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by hemphero, May 20, 2010.

  1. Witch area in the US does cannabis grow the best.
    not indoor DUh but OUTDOOR with the same strain water sun and air where would ganja like to live in the US?
    I say nor cal ? but im trying to see if theirs anywhere better to plants the plant to save the planet :/
  2. I would assume pacific mid-west to northwest.
    just an assumption.... probably depends on the strain for each area.
  3. In the movie HEMP FOR VICTORY they say kentucky has the best land to grow, but i wouldnt trust that in 2010
  4. up north, i met someone whos got some plants that avg 2lb 10 oz, now here, with a few month grow period thats just insane....some were in like 155gal grow boxs
  5. You say 'same strain', but that's the biggest variable. Equatorial based strains will do better in hotter, humid areas. Himalayan strains can be well grown in higher latitudes. African strains may handle heat, but not humidity.

    And the same water, sun and air? What's the point in varying your location? If these variables were consistent across the US, then all thats left is soil quality and discretion/legality. If you were going to relocate, just to grow, I'd advise checking out legal states first.
  6. perhaps you should ask what's the best strain for my area, rather than the best area for my strain.
  7. Ok so some confusion with the question I meant in the US fuck the current laws where would the best place to grow be?
  8. VA has some amazing outdoor grows. So does NC.
  9. your going to move to a different state to chase the dream of growing big outdoors? *face palm* and the best state if florida
  10. "Someday, when we are allowed to properly produce herb in the great outdoors, we will once again see and experience some of the truly finest examples the planet has to offer. These "fine herbs" come from very specific geographic locations which I refer to as "sweet spots." Certain examples would be: The Northern Californian-Southern Oregon coastal regions; the highland Michoacan, Guerrero, Oaxaca and Chiapas regions of Mexico; highland and valley Colombia; Thailand; the islands of Hawaii; Nepal; parts of Afghanistan; and the Hindu Kush, to name but a few. It is in these "sweet spots" that the most favorable and specifically desirable characteristics are acclimated phenotypical. Selective inbreeding hardens the desirable characteristics and gives us specific, varied strains. I am very curious to see and experience exactly what our years and multi-generations of indoor breeding are going to produce when returned to these great outdoor "sweet spots."
    -DJ Short

    Nope you were right to say norcal.
  11. dam dude you hit it on the nose, krishnamurti fan?? ive been studying krishnamurti for some time now multiple videos seen the talks, very enlightening stuff if one chooses to look inwardly PEACE

  12. I didn't know what you were talking about, but I looked into it. Are you referring to U.G.?

    What I said was taken from Cannabis Culture. Not my words...
  13. no your tag at the bottom of your every post. I love it
  14. On 4/20 I won an autographed copy of Jack Herer's The Hemperor Wears No Clothes... back when the US Gov't was promoting hemp growing, they always mentioned Kentucky and Wisconsin.
  15. Actually I seen a scientific report on cannabis,And they said cooks forrest soil is the best natural soil they found for cannabis.Thats in PA by the way
  16. Maine has dank outdoors. They don't really care about growing, especially way up in Northern Maine. I came back from fest last year with like 2 ounces lol.
  17. The Emerald Triangle, Humboldt Co. Cali. But haven't ya ever heard of Kentucky Outdoor?
  18. I live in Norcal and it sucks dick for growing. We have good soil and great sun, but NO RAIN. Otherwise its perfect. But for outdoor ops, you gunna want to go mid-west

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