States legalizing in 2012?

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  1. I hope at least one or two states legalize in 2012. As of now I believe California, Colorado, Washington, Missouri and I just found about Michigan from you are all close to having a ballot for legalization next year. Even if they don't all pass or any of them pass it is still a victory to have the issue on a ballot. The public's view on marijuana is improving and for the first time the majority of people on the gallop pole are for legalization of marijuana. If only one or two states pass a legalization ballot this year that is a tremendous victory. In two years even more states will be on the ballot. Think back to 2010, only California was talking about legalization. Now there are 5 states having serious discussions regarding legalization. The times are changing my friends the herb will be free soon.
  2. Attention Texas Stoners!


    I swear if Texas doesn't legalize by 2013 I'm moving to Colorado...
    If we demand it, it will be fixed!
  3. Florida might have a vote in 2012 if enough signatures are obtained or the bill approved in the legisture to put out for the public vote.
  4. I'd say vote for it PA, but... we haven't even decriminalized yet...

  5. Good. Half-measures will avail you nothing more than an avalanche of citations and significantly increased levels of propaganda in favor of maintaining prohibition. If your state can go to full legalization and avoid decriminalization all together, you will be much better off for it.
  6. lol wish it would happen too bro but better be getting ready to moove cause its not gonna happen.
  7. nvm. It should be legal, any state that has medical marijuana should have it legalized
  8. shiiiiii... I'd be happy to just be in a medicinal state. My leg is absolutely killing me and I'd love to be able to go down to the dispensary right now and get some budder bc I've been dying to make some rice crispy treats but only with fruity pebbles insted, and a strong indica with some good OG hash in about a 1G joint. Smoke then eat some of my fruity pebble treats. sounds so good right now, god I wish I lived in California
  9. I don't mean to hijack the thread, but people talking about Cali, didn't they vote no last year?
  10. All it will take is for one state to get the dominoes to really start falling. The rest will just follow suit , especially since 50% of the population is in favor of legalization.
  11. I live a mile from the michigan border and I would love for it to be legal in michigan. I would probably move into Michigan too.

    Im sure there would be a few states that would refuse to legalize it until the feds do.
  12. why don't you guy's just move up here? 12 FULL GROWN legallly.....your a bunch of whiners ?'d prolly bitch even if.

  13. Bc if we all moved there it would still be illegal down here. Were not whining about it, were trying change it. Why don't you contact your congressmen and tell them to help by speaking on behalf of legalization.
  14. People voted no because it would have legalized only 1 ounce and 1 plant which is too small.

    That really doesn't end prohibition if you think about it. Everyone needs to be protected from the law, that means anyone from the growers to the consumers.
  15. cool, its a step in the right direction, but the ultimate goal is national legalization. You should all click the link in my signature. It will take you to a form, with a pre written letter (you can modify it if you want) then you fill out a little info like your name, address, etc and will then send a letter to the appropriate congressman, all in all, takes about 2 minutes or less. Lets flood these bitches.
  16. that is incorrect. It was 1 ounce that you could carry around with you in public, if you had a 1 pound at your house that was perfectly ok. Also, it wasn't 1 plant, it was a 5x5 ft. area, so you could've had a huge tree in that area or however many plants you could fit in 25 square feet.

    Also that initiative, was written in such a way that those limits could've easily been expanded, but NOT reduced. Its unfortunate that it didn't pass, but I'd say either there were actually slightly more people who didn't want it, or else some of the people who did, didn't go vote.
  17. In Ohio, we had a vote to decriminalize just about a month ago. :D

  18. This is definitely an issue, though it pertains mostly to budget dollars. As is stands, states lose federal transportation money if they don't adhere to federal laws. Likely, they'd stand to lose other federal contributions as well.

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