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Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by vatoloco, Mar 27, 2002.

  1. Too high to understand hidden meaning.
  2. Today was the cheerleading tryouts at school *lmfao*

    I was so embarrased for them, I almost couldn't watch. All the girls trying out have to try out in front of the whole school at an assembly and then we vote. They all sucked, but it was hilarious. I could not stop laughing, We bought some white widow specially for the occasion.

    ( Since this thread was about nothing, I decided I would make it about me, and how cool I am *lol* )
  3. Just goes to show ya'll how popular our friend BPP is!! Even if one of his posts gets mod adjusted ya just feel like ya gotta reply!!! LMAO!! Really looking forward to meeting "nate" and BPP in Nawlin's this weekend!!! Wish ya'll could come......neener, neener, neener!! :smoking:
  4. hehe cheerleading is so stupid, last year at a pep-rally for the basketball team (they were going to states). well anyway this guy threw the ball really fast to another player and the guy missed it and it hit the most "popular" chearleader right in the face and the whole gym just busted out laughing and she ran out crying very hard. i wasn't even stoned and i couldn't stop laughing it was awsome, best "in-school" experience
  5. Today instead of going to first period, we were fuckin' lit up and decided to go mess with some llamas. When we got to where the llamas were, my friend was like I want to give that llama a toke, so she got out of the car, loaded a bowl, hopped over the fence and started to walk toward the llamas.

    They ran away, so she chased them and tried to round 'em all up. One came charging at her and I was laughing my ass off just waiting for her to get trampled by a llama it stopped short so she quickly took a toke and tried to give it to the llama but he ran away, so she chased it. She was running around at 8:00 in the morning in somebody's field making bizzare noises and chasing their llamas, trying to blow them tokes ;)

    As if that wasn't funny enough, she fell in this huge puddle and her shoe fell off in the puddle and she had to fish it out and then pour about a quart of muddy water out of it *Lol*

    It was so funny I almost pee'd my pants ;) ;) ;) ;)
  6. WTF is going on? I get modded for a joke that had no cursing, no sexual innuedo, no derogatory remarks about any groups, no racial put downs, etc. Just WTF was so wrong with my joke and story that someone felt the need to mod it completely out?

    As another mod on here I feel I at least deserve a PM about WTF was so wrong that you felt the need to delete my post.

    Big Poppa Puff 2 is not too happy abou this!
  7. I doubt anyone deleted your post. It's been like that ever since you originally posted it...I was just wondering what the joke was.

  8. Congrats to Vata, You've done what few other men can claim and that is to embaress the BPP and shake his self-confidence.

    Now that I've jumped up on a soap box, rattled sabers, beat my chest and unleashed the war drums, you've posted the possibility that I may have jumped the gun and flown completly off the handle for no good reason.

    Now the question comes to this.WTF happened? Where did my post go? If someone didn't edit it or delete, what happened to it? Can you just post a title alone? I know that I typed it out and posted it but now I have no idea what's going on?

    Now we have to get the techno people to figure if it got deleted or screwed up in the system.
  9. BPP...maybe ya were to stoned to run your computer! LMAO

    I was on the board when you were posting this thread, and ther were several other gremlins workin' too . I went to this thread shortly after it hit the board and wondered WTF? A new member, chori, I stml...seemed to have a messed up thread too, first it was there, then it wasn't , then it was back! At the same time I kept gettin' a message saying I hadn't logged in. That happened several times, then all was normal. Seems like your post and chori's swapped places, without enough time expired for anyone to have posted, or viewed them. I remember thinkin' that something screwy was going on!...........of course all my trouble comes from being too high to operate this puter' safely...LMAO!!!
  10. Right. As you all kno i'm not a mod- I wish I was and spend a lot of time here tho i don't post much- but I think that it was just a screw up.
    I mean, it had no obscenitys or racist etc stuff in it... and everyone likes bpp as he's a total legend (like n e 1 here ISN'T - SARCASM BTW).
  12. Well damnit, now I feel bad for flying off the handle. There must be some vaccum tubes needs replacing in the back of this contraption or maybe I'm not punching holes right in the cards before I run them through the reader. "BTW - those are old computer jokes"
  13. I was here too, when you opened the thread, it was just all retarded. There were a couple others too.
  14. Soo...what was the joke?! I have to hear it now.:smoke:

  15. I'm sorry girlie I forgot to ask. How did you do? I know you made the squad again but did you get head cheerleader this year.

  16. That's a laugh, I can juust see me taking some knife hits and then going to cheer practice and trying to tell everyone what to do *lmfao*

    It would probably be like the ending of the movie "Romie and Michelles high school reunion"

    If you havn't seen it, I don't know what to tell ya, sorry ;)
  17. You know whats sad and im sure the ganja doesnt help. I am pretty sure I read the original post and I cant remember a damn thing about it. Same with Chori's oh well, I can just imagine Our Stoney 420girlie. Gimme a "T" gimme a "O" Gimme a "K" Gimme a "E". TOKE!!!


    one can only hope


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