State the obvious.

Discussion in 'General' started by Floydian, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Go ahead, do it.

    I'm a cigarette fiend.

    GC is goofy compared to the last time I was here, lolzies.

    <insert "Gee thx Cpt. Obvious, kthxbai!"

    Your turn.

  2. I am stoned as fuck :smoking:
  3. hey it's catbread, in pixel form.
  4. Its hot in August...
  5. The hour before work sucks.
  6. After finishing a joint, it is important to remember that money can be exchanged for delicious food...
  7. at this point..a full nights sleep is out of the question...:(
  8. its too hot here..and the city is nearly empty...
  9. Obama is the worst presidential Candidate.

    Micheal Moore is a Nitwit.

    Coffee is fantastic in the morning.
  10. we are at war with iraq

    bush is a bitch

    and paris hilton is still alive
  11. Marijuana isnt dangerous at all!

    90% of perscription drugs can kill you....
  12. Your mother is a whore.

  13. Your father was desperate.
  14. after taking seroquel you indeed have nerves the next morning...
    fuck having nerves and fuck fights and arguements.... and.....i think I'll put my head under the shower for a while...
    but still seroquel are soo great....:love:
  15. ...Awful lot of potheads around here...
  16. You are insane.

    Barack Obama > Jesus
  17. I just made it into college
  18. John McCain has Alzheimer's.
  19. Bears shit in the woods.

    And the pope shits in his hat.

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