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  1. Am I the only one who thinks it horribly wrong that the U.S. doesn't recognize Palestine?

    Don't people have a right to self governing?
  2. News Flash, America sucks Israels dick.
  3. It's incredibly wrong and yes they should have a right to govern themselves (within pre-1967 borders). There is no reasonable argument against that, but i'm subbing because I know some people are going to post hilariously biased responses.
  4. Lol yeah, it's always funny how determined they are.
  5. Its things like that (US stating to withdraw from the UN) that makes me embarrassed to be American.
  6. You should prolly blame the 1947/48 UN instead of just the USA, and that's because the UN are the ones who recognized the state of Israel back in 1948.

    And now we have terrorism.

  7. Who runs and funds the UN? Follow the money trail. You might as well replace UN with USA.

  8. Why does that embarrass you? I'm all for the U.S. leaving the U.N. and kicking them out of the country. The U.N. is nothing more than a world stage for political pandering. The League of Nations was a giant lump of fail, why is the U.N. to be considered a success?

  9. I'll be damned if I know where the UN gets all their funds from. Do you have any sources?
  10. this wil surely be a 5 page thread of the same old arguments over and over again.

    Yes they should be a state.

  11. Lol that map really says it all right there.
  12. They are not officially recognized due tio their own actions i.e. they refuse to recognize Isreal's right of existense.

    Not overly complicated on the main obstacle. :smoke:
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    Thanks for the link, and the attitude.

    Yup looks like the USA is at 22% ($598 292 101. Obama's 2008 campaign ran for 600ish million) and Japan comes in second with 16.6% ($452 091 268), Germany ($233 252 334) in third with 8.5%, UK/Ireland at %6.6 ($180 629824), France 6.3 ($171 356 297), Italy at 5% ($ 138 123 890), Mexico, Spain, Republic of Korea at about 2%, and a shit load of others at lower percentages, oh and Israel at 0.4% ($11 394 745). Japan is not fucking around! :laughing:

    It's really no surprise the USA is the largest contributor. We do live in their military industrial complex after all.
  14. that's true, but its because Israel never recognized theirs and to this day claim the Palestinian lands.

    Originally Israel was going to be a sort of Switzerland, half Israeli half Palestinian.
  15. Fucking idiots who signed the treaty after WWII set all this shit up for us. They couldn't just put an end to Germany, Japan, and Italy. No, they decide to make the State of Israel to piss Arabs off thinking they wont become significant. But then oil became gold and these Arabs became powerful and now want Palestine back.

    Get ready for another crusade.

  16. America's net contributions to the UN in that year is 42% of total net contributions. Dude, we -are- the UN.

  17. First of all, if Israel will not recognize a seperate Palestinian State, why should the Palestinians recognize Israel? Also, most of the mainstream leaders of Hamas have indicated they would be more than willing to recognize Israel if a treaty with an international consensus takes place.

  18. I'll need a link for that last sentence. Israel has offered some pretty sweet deals and the Palestininian negotiators refused to recognize Israels right to exist. By the deals offered the first sentence is false. :smoke:

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