State of Legalization in Europe

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  1. This starts off just talking about Germany, but goes on to discuss other nations, even the smaller ones like Malta and Luxembourg.

    Weed makes inroads across Europe
    Weed makes inroads across Europe

    POLITICO Staff
    Fri, November 25, 2022 at 1:30 AM

    Germany’s tentative embrace of recreational cannabis legalization could trigger big changes across Europe.

    Many EU countries have legalized medical marijuana in recent years and there are a slew of pilot projects happening across the continent that may eventually lead to broader legalization. But Europe has generally taken a more conservative approach to cannabis policy than the U.S. — and certainly Canada, which four years ago became the first country in the world to establish a legal weed market.

    A lot of that political and regulatory inertia may start to shake loose after the new ruling coalition in Germany — Europe’s largest economy — released a blueprint last month for establishing the continent’s first taxed, regulated adult-use market.

    “It's a huge moment,” said Niklas Kouparanis, CEO of German cannabis company Bloomwell Group, in an interview. “Germany is basically pioneering the way to legalize cannabis for other EU member states.”

    Like the U.S., Europe is a patchwork. Italy requires its army to grow weed for patients enrolled in the country’s medical program. Switzerland is launching its first legal recreational program for 370 cannabis consumers in Basel. And the Netherlands — long notorious for its weed coffeeshops — is just now authorizing the country’s first legal cannabis cultivation.

    Still, even in Germany, the path forward for legalization remains murky. Potentially the biggest hurdle the country faces is overcoming EU laws and international drug treaties. That challenge has already led Germany’s ruling coalition to propose a significant restriction on a potential recreational market — banning imports. (snipped)

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  2. Did I hear that Canada is trying to begin selling cannabis globally?
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  3. Yep! They want to take over the cannabis market! The US better get rid of that schedule 1 designation ASAP, or we will get only their "leavings"! :frown: And note that this is from 2018! Canada has a huge head start on the US!

    Canadian cannabis producers set their sights on global domination

    Medical marijuana consumers in Prague rang in 2018 with a new Canadian import, Tilray Milled Cannabis, a high THC marijuana product grown on Vancouver Island.

    The Czech Republic is just the latest nation to sell Canadian weed, joining Germany, Australia, New Zealand and a growing list of other nations which are turning to Canada as a safe and legal source for medical grade cannabis.

    In recent months, more than a dozen countries have legalized medical marijuana. New laws are pending in at least a dozen more as national regulators and even the World Health Organization recognize legitimate medical uses for a drug which had long been banned under international treaties.

    The moves have sparked an unprecedented demand for legally grown, high quality marijuana, as well as the oil which is extracted from it. Seven Canadian producers have been granted licences to export the crop. By the end of March they will have sent 528 kilograms of dried cannabis flower and 911 litres of oil overseas. That may well be just an initial trickle, as the floodgates open on an international medical cannabis market. (snipped)

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