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State Marijuana Laws

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Elijames21, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Yeah, I only buy in small amounts from people I know and never smoke anywhere other than my own home. And I NEVER sell, at all. If i was living in a state that was more lenient, I'd probably sell a little bit and always carry a joint or two on me. But here it's not at all worth the risk.

    damn, dude. I have to pay 20 for a gram here.

  2. Yeah, shit's messed up in TX. Austin is making great strides by essentially decriminalizing in their county (Travis), but the rest of the state is as backward as ever. I'm convinced we will be the last state to legalize if it gets that far. Whereabouts in the great state of TX are you? Down here in South Texas it seems relatively chill mainly because we are Hispanic-majority and most Hispanics take a more accepting approach toward weed than say rednecks. Despite it being so hot down here, we always stay frosty:D
  3. C-C-C-Cali FTW! Decriminalized Bitches. It was less expensive for me to get caught with bud than my speeding Ticket =D

    same with my Alcohol ticket....

    and my parking tickets...

  4. Frosty is definitley right Houston area here and I'm gettin great dank for 20 a gram and I don't hear of a lot of people getting in trouble for holding any. But that's just me though hopefully decrim/med will be here soon. Tx needs to see the green truth.
  5. I live in syracuse ny and all I can get is 20 a g. It sux. Isn't it decrim in ny?
  6. Yeah dude im in upstate ny and both good mids and danks are common and relativly cheap
  7. My state has legal medical cannabis but you can still get fined for just having it.

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