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State Marijuana Laws

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Elijames21, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Hi guys we were talking about state laws on a different thread so i decided to make one. Just tell people about your state laws and if you don't know them i highly recommend you go look it up. :smoke:
  2. I would recommend becoming active in your program, or nearest chapter, they actually get stuff done.

    Texas NORML They have multiple chapters-per-state.
  3. I live in Oklahoma. We have, as far as I know, possibly the most harsh laws regarding weed in the country. You can get life in prison for dealing. first offense. One year for your first posession of ANY amount, 2-10 years for your second. You also get a year for paraphernalia.
  4. Item 9... ILLEGAL!
  5. That is terrible! I feel so bad for you and your state.
  6. I hope wisconsin gets MMJ soon.:smoke:
  7. YES same with me. In a few years when walker is out. Is their any pro-marijuana politicians in wisconsin?

  8. Well, Fuck Oklahoma then. Go move to Colorado or California or elsewhere. :smoke:

  9. Fuck that.
  10. Ny is the best for the east coast

  11. But who needs a dealer if you're on the prairie? And I'm not joking the baptist belt in Texas keeps us from having MMJ.

    There was this guy who had been taking pain mess for so long that he developed a opiod allergy and wanted MMJ because his kidneys were failing due to the pills as well.

    The Texas legsaslation of baptists responded by saying, take more pills.

    Horrible huh? I'm not sure of his condition, I think he had MS and was involved in a car wreck that he was burned alive and had to have a skin graph for most of his body.
  12. in vermont if you are caught with weed it is a felony if it is above 2 ounces. anything below that is just a misdemeanor. thats all i know..

  13. I would love to, but I'm in college and out of state tuition is insane.
    I'm hoping I can find a job or grad school out there somewhere when I graduate though.
  14. #17 thisbudz4u, Aug 3, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 3, 2011
    There are the laws in OK and then what the judge decides to do. I knew a guy who caught dealing and got 2 years probation, even with prior convictions (he had a lawyer). I've been in traffic court and seen possession after possession get probation. These were all whites though. I'm sure there is more of a racial element to harsher sentencing though. But when people speak without experience, just repeating info off the internet, it is the blind leading the blind. DUIs are starting to be treated tougher than possesion here. There are a lot of scare tactics at work because the status quo is fighting an unwinnable war. If they can't scare you they can't stop you.

  15. I would honestly not even smoke in that state. Or just move.
  16. NY is awesome! you can go up to literally anyone and they just friggin hand it out.... and at pretty good prices. id pay $25 for a q/o of good mids anyday. havent found a seed yet :D

  17. It depends on a lot of factors, like what specific judge is seeing your case, whether or not you have a lawyer, what your criminal history looks like, how much you had, whether or not you tried to hide shit or run from cops, how presentable you appear in court, etc etc etc
    but the bottom line is, that is the law. And even if they don't enforce the maximum often, they're still far more harsh than most other states.

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