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Stash spots

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Bbird5603, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. anybody know some stash spots in a house? My parents don’t care or look through my stuff but i don’t want little kids finding it
  2. Get a locking guitar case or other instrument case. You can find them cheap in thrift stores and pawn shops. You might even get a locking suitcase or other small piece of luggage from one of those thrift shops for super cheap too. Aside from that, up high works when it comes to kids.
  3. Put it in a lunch box and hang it from a tree branch in the back yard.

    Kids don't go outside and play anymore, so they won't find it.
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  4. Also, under heavy furniture is a stash spot I've used before.
  5. I don't know if this is an option for you, but I have a window in my room that leads to another room. So, if I pull down the top part of the window, it actually leads to the attic. I stash my shit right in the attic right from that window. Then, I push the window back up and you won't even know there's an attic from that window. If I had a picture I'd show it but it's hard to get a good pic of it. you probably don't have something like that though.

    You could always invest in a safe. Those could always be handy too for more than just weed and paraphernalia, like money or other valuables. I'd invest in a decent safe, not some cheap ass 10 - 30 dollar safe.
  6. I think I found a good spot. I have a couch in my room and it’s in the back of the Cushions and it’s far back too so if the cushiouns come off you can’t see it
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  7. Or under the armrest
  8. Behind the fridge. No weakling is capable of moving such a behemoth of a machine so all your worries are gone. And the munchies are close by!
  9. In a box. That's in the bottom of a big box. That's filled with a bunch or random heavy shit

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  10. Billy, is that you?
  11. Wrap it in a zip lock back then put that bag in another zip lock bag, now add 300g of coffee grounds in the last bag and zip it up. Repeat this 5 times before putting in your bum. Your welcome.

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