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Stash spot ideas?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by xHaze, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Where are some good spots to hide your bud?
  2. Paintball hopper
  3. shoe, backpack that u dont carry around everyday, under ur bed, in a clothing drawer under the clothes. in a box-0-pot i have a rice cooker box that holds my scale, pieces, tweezers,baggies,lighters cups for weighing the box sits under my coffee table.

  4. The best place, is right out, in plain sight, ( hidden still ) where nobody will ever, even think, one would be so stupid to hide anything there, so the obvious is my choice.
  5. inside my computer case, unless it see through of course. I got my pipe,weed,blunts,grinder and lighter within about 1 ft of me and its completely hidden
  6. In the expansion bay in an old school black PS2 is good for a tiny bit of weed.
  7. collectible tins work pretty well. nobody thinks to open them but they're not suspicious when they're sitting right out.
  8. A sealed testube in the rectal cavity is fairly safe, plus you'll always have it handy...
  9. #10 Nurbzy, Feb 22, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 22, 2009
    Take a pair of socks, start folding them, stick your ganj in it (in between the two socks) and then finish folding it. Looks completely legit, it keeps the smell in, and its pretty convenient.

    Or go with old schools idea if you don't mind walking retarded :)

  10. hahahahahahahah
  11. Hey I know it sounds like a pain in the ass, but getting caught is even shittier. Talk about having a crappy time of it.
  12. it was this frame of mind that got many a flame buds taken from me (i hope my parents enjoyed them)
  13. you sir, are a genius
  14. Part of my always half wished I'd find a stash on my daughter or in her room. She's moved out now, but it would have been funny to find a bag and make her watch me smoke it for breaking my rules (no smoking before age of 18).
  15. you got it right, my parents were very hypocritical with their attitudes (most likely because i got arrested, and they have been blazing 35+ years and never caught) but the worst was one time my mom found an 8th of mine and took all the big nugs and left me with some popcorn and shake. ballsy move on their part, i laugh about it today though
  16. ah the best places for me were the back expansion bay of an old ps2.

    on the backside of a picture on the protruding edge of the frame(if it has 1).

    if u got some joints rolled that need some stashin then find a cd that no1 will ever touch or listen too(the best of yanni, micheal bolton, etc.) remove the plastic insert that holds the cd, usin scissors or wutever else u think will work, cut the boxed side off that acts as a hinge, reinsert the box and u have a joint stash that yanni would b proud of.

    take the bulb out of a lava lamp, stash, and throw the glass back on.(this is only smart to do if u no ur the only 1 that would ever turn it on as u dont want ur stash to spark in the lamp socket)

    a slightly older or cheaper desk lamp will have a sheet of felt or similar material with some empty space behind it so just peel half way off, stash, seal felt back over, and set lamp back down on top.

    an air vent in ur room if it has simple pop latches or some screws u can easily unscrew with ur fingers.

    the back of a fender guitar.(to keep this 1 as untedious as possible just unscrew as many screws as possible but leave enough so it just barely stays on)

    get some duct tape, roll it backwards on itself so its double sided and slap it on ur bag then inside an acoustic guitar.

    if u usually have the tops of ur socks rolled into eachother to keep em in pairs then stash in a sock and roll it back with its buddy.

    the front flap for your zipper on ur pants is actually hollow most the time so just cut a slit on the back part and stash inside the flap(this is good for carrying no more than 3-4 grams on u and still b cop-friendly as they r very ginger on ur genitalia unless u raise serious suspicion)

    and the best of all is the back part of a toilet(its clean water); theres usually a bobber that floats and u can throw ur bag on top of that and throw ur clean bong directly into the water if it fits(flushing while ur bong is in the back also saves u some water from flushing)

  17. /facepalm :D
  18. All good ideas except for this one, i couldnt even think of keeping my bong in the same place that i shit, the weed and bong would also start to smell like your toilet :(
  19. OK i just came up with this

    you guys know those 42 oz bottles of arizona tea they have?

    well you can cut the top off, stick another arizona cap in and make a stash jar out of it!

    just tried it and its awesome looking, also if you make the cut good enough you can glue the top back on and its like a bottle that you unscrew the top off of and make a stash

    sorry if that makes no sense :smoking:

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