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  1. hi blades just chillin at my house bored as fuck , figured I would make a stash thread.
    tell me what ya think , first pick is my kief jar and a little of 20x salvia that I just cant find the time to smoke..., the second is of some yack I picked up a few days ago and an 80 oc, the rest are just some buds that iv been smoking on. post pic's of your stashe if ya want to that would be awsome.:hello:

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  2. marb 27's for theeeeee wiiiiiiiiiiiin.
  3. I never understood how someone could pick up a sack of yay and look at it for several days. Maybe I just lack self control lol.
  4. yea opening those bad boys right now, i had a little last night and its much stronger then what i got last time , now its like my hole upper inside of my mouth goes numb and zooooom:hello:
  5. I don't know what what every one els likes to do but I like to take most of the white rocks out to save for later while I go through the powder.

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  6. Blow a gram for meh homie!

    Spread tha vibessss!!! :hello:
  7. hell yea just popped half the oc, some times i just like to sit on the couch and let the tv watch me. :D

  8. you and me both, bro lol

  9. that's the best way to do it!

  10. let the tv watch me! I love that!!!! good shit homie.

  11. I don't know how good it is for my heart to do both the yack and the oc, i'v seen some people do it. whats your opinion on this blades??
  12. IME best combo ever. I did the OC several hours into my skiing trip tho, it helped with the clenched jaw headache and brought the euphoria back to what it was at the start of the session.

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