stash jars stolen

Discussion in 'General' started by ToR_, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. had a house party tonight and had my 2 stash jars stolen luckily i emptied them earlier :pP
    man im still blazed from a 4 hour smoke sesh.
    but who can give me recommendations for some cheap jars easy to hide and are air tight no color preference :)
  2. Almost any grocery store, ask for "canning jars." Wal mart has them, Traget, Sams Club, etc. They cost $8 for 12 huge airtight canning jars.
  3. sweet!!
    i just might do that, are they any that are about half the size of that?
  4. [​IMG]

    not sure what they are called (sorry cannabisconsumer for using your pic), but they're the bomb diggity
  5. Can't go wrong with mason jars! Manufactured since the 1850's and still the best glass air tight jars.
  6. ive got one of those in my bathroom for q tips might just steal that one :p

  7. Truth. In fact, that picture is a picture of a mason jar. I use one, and love it.
  8. I have a similar one that does not have a hinge from wal*mart for about 4 bucks
  9. Yeah, they have all different sizes of mason jars. It's all at Wal Mart, you'll see. If you don't find canning jarsthere, they have many airtight jars such as the one pictured above. It's just yo can get 12 canning jars for so cheap, you know.

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