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  1. Picked this up at our local B&M, for dogs, but this is for my Treats! And funnilly enough, my dog is called "BUD". Treats.JPG
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  2. ive got a few i use all the time. my wife got me the rick and morty jar (i can stuff about a half oz in it) last xmas. i keep that upstairs on my desk for upstairs smoke. then theres that old ass cork and glass jar, ive had that for about 10 years, someone on my friends weed farm gave it to me full of hash when i went back to arizona. i keep that on my coffee table in my basement for when we watch movies on the projector. then i have that normal mason jar i got from a restaurant. ill keep that in the basement and use it to store the extra weed. i usually buy an oz and a half at a time. breaking my weed up into other jars helps us to not smoke so much.

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  3. Start growing and then never have to worry about it! I use to buy an oz to oz and half at a time, gets expensive. Nothing better than growing, harvesting, drying and curing your own bud. Saves me a ton of money and now I don’t worry about consumption. Get into edibles more now too with the excess trim and frankly more bud keeps coming so you grind up the old stuff for edibles or start giving it away and making friends happy.


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  4. ehhhhh been there done that. i grew in hawaii and california. it was great until states started to legalize and prices dropped and i pushed forward in my HVAC career. i Live in south dakota now where its pretty illegal and really fucking cold so nah, i really dont feel like messing with it. i have tons of money to buy weed i just feel like after 20 years of smoking i need to watch how much i smoke lol.

    BUT, awesome for you. i will always support and help anyone living sustainable life. i respect that. most of my weed comes from local growers anyways. and its cheap too lol.

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