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Stash jar help!?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Wrestlervape, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. #1 Wrestlervape, Aug 10, 2011
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    Hey, my girlfriend do not allow me to buy, have, or smoke bud. I need a stash jar that is solid, sturdy, and preferably sneaky! If u can help that would be great. Also, what are your stash jars.

    Please help with a solid and sneaky stash jar, or stash spot
  2. i use a glass jar made by ball, with a plastic top. just a canning jar for foods. works great for me and its cheap. when i get home ill take a pic of my jar for u so u can see wat i work with so u have an idea.

  3. yeah but it might not be sneaky enough
  4. ahhh i didnt relise that was wat u was going for, i was thinking just smell not size lol, but they do got super small ones with a metal ring of some sort(idk how to describe it) witha rubber seal, i got a small one of those 2 ill show u
  5. haha im an idiot, clearly says sneaky n the 1st post lmfao, like 3 timi was highly medicated doing all this lol

    and wat r u smoking mids or dro? and how much is the most ull be hiding
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    I got this jar at my lhs its called a bead jar not sneaky in your pocket but u can stash it

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