Stash Boxes?

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  1. I don't know where this fits exactly but I have a question for all you lovely people on GC.
    I want to throw together a stash box with the necesities. ( papers, small grinder, lighter, bowl, eyedrops, etc.) just something that I can grab when I head to a friends for a toke.

    What do you guys have if any? what is the container and what do you have in it?

    I plan on using a wooden cigar box. it has a latch so it will stay shut and it looks nice.

    Post pics if you have them!

  2. I just use a metal domino container. Fits 2 jars, lighters, eyedrops, and a variety of papers.
  3. i use the front flap of my backpack, put my bowl in its carrying case with the bud tucked in the bottom before i put the bowl in, then my lighters and shit on top of that. fuck eye drops, flaunt it :D
  4. Put all of my wraps, some eyedrops, lighters, pipes, bubbler, my weed and an extra 3-4 containers I don't care to take out along with all those fucking bags inside of a old soft-lunchbox I used in elementary school.

    Lay that shit flat on the inside of an Xbox 360 box, close it up, you'd never to know to look in there. Of course, you could actually look down into the cabinet that I have more and more glass and it's obvious what goes on, but I digress...
  5. only thing I leave my house with that's weed related is weed. All my friends have bongs and grinder and the usual necessities. So there's no reason to bring my own, besides I wouldn't want too walk around with a big box full of shit. the most I'll have on me a a pack of papers in my wallet.
  6. I use pencil boxes
  7. I use a poker case. Each of the chip compartments has a purpose (pipe, papers, eyedrops, pocket knife, etc.) and i made a lid out of paper for the card compartment so i can put my weed in it.
  8. a little metal harley davidson emlasoned card case appx. 8"x3.5"x 3/4" and the lid kinda snaps on. fits in top zippered portion of my little six pack cooler. im ready to sip or toke anytime, fits in my saddle bag on the bike or the car.
  9. [​IMG]

    here's one i made. you can get that foam stuff at walmart. i think it was like 10 bills for 2 big pieces taht were like 2'x1'x1". idk, nice size pieces though, very cheap and easy to cut out holes to fit all your stuff nice.

    enjoy :smoke:
  10. thanks for all the input guys !
  11. This is my stash and rolling box i make. Don't know what i would do with out it, it goes everywhere with me (work and friends mainly) also i put a small lock on the front when i travel.




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