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  1. Well, im about to go to the store and buy a 40 pound bag of potting soil, im going to be planting 2 plants just for educational purpous's, I cant aquire the right lighting to grow and expect alot from. So im just going to be growing indoor, Every morning when i wake up im going to put it by my window (in the basement so no one will see it :D ) for 6 hours (this is what i read) and hopefully my 2 plants will grow. Ill keep you posted.
  2. it needs 6 hours of dark, give them as much light as possible in the beggining, at least 13 hours of light
  3. allright ill try to do that, and i scraped the whole idea on going out and getting potting soil because my brother showed me where a 5 year old compost pile was so we just used that instead, and after we filled out pots i put 3 seeds in mine and my brother put 4 in his we are going to let them sprout and pick out the best one to keep when they all get to their 2nt node probibly. Also, when would be a good time to top the plants since their going to be indoor we gotta keep it on the downlow so we cant have these things gettin 5 ft tall.
  4. If you just brought medium from that compost pile,,to your container,then brought it in the house to grow have possibly just made a great error...That medium contains an infestation of various insects,and bacteria...that if brought into an indoor environment,,will have no natural predators ,,and possibly wipe out every plant in the house,regardless of species...

    If you wish to use this medium indoors,,,,you MUST sterilize it with high temp,,,at least 500 degrees for 35 minutes at that kill the thousands of various eggs,larvae,and bacteria....then it can be mixed with amendments such as perlite,,,to provide more aeration to medium..

    Get the seedling directly under a flourescent light right away after it sprouts ,or you will have a leggy seedling that may die,,or live trying to be a six foot matchstick with no branches to speak of...

    And read back posts...learn....and grow well....

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