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  1. i have the lights, the seeds, the space, and the know how to grow in soil. how do i start hydroponically? what's a list of materials to start 4 plants using a 400 w hps?
  2. How do you want to grow hydro? Bubble Bucket of NFT?

    I can tell you about BB's but someone else will have to teach you NFT.

    BB's require:
    5 gallon bucket with lid that fits
    a net pot or equavalent
    grow media like rockwool
    clean water and source
    pH up and down chems
    pH and EC meter
    air pump, line and air stone
    note pad to record your progress
    time to fool with every couple of days

    Estimated cost to set up: $225 to $300, with the biggest cost being the pH and EC meters ($150 to $200)
  3. NFT under a 400w

    2x 4' NFT troughs.(if u buy from a store then u get a pump and spreader mat in with the deal)

    a ph pen and cf meter or a cf thrunchen that does both.

    ph+ and ph-



    also a air pump, line and air stone is a good idea to get more o2 in ur water. also a timer that can turn on and off every 15mins. that gets even more air to the roots and stops the RW getting sodden when the plants r small.

    £200 wud c u set up, dunno wot the prices r in the states.
    if u self build then u cud do it for £150ish

    in buckets id use hydroton expanded clay pebbles.
  4. just noticed u only want 4 plants. u cud do that in 1 4'trough but u wud get bigger and better plants in bubble buckets.

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