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  1. So I missed a really good opportunity with a HOT yoga instructor because I 1 didn't have enough money to take her class and 2 was scared of looking like a fool having never done yoga before. I already have plenty of stuff from working out already so how do I get into this for free or on the cheap?Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  2. download a yoga video and do itSent from my SGH-I747M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. check some shit out on YouTube like sun salutations and different poses, I liked this guy called cafe holistic, I thinks that was the name. I started doing yoga a month ago and I'm feeling better than ever, happier and relaxed. I've advanced pretty fast, my teacher says I'm a natural and should look into getting certified.Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    yoga is different. i have to say that coming from a boxing, bjj and muay thai background (over 20 years combined). besides competing, throughout i did strength and conditioning training and worked with pro and amateur boxers and thai boxers as a trainer. 
    i've been into yoga for about a year. it's tough. a different kind of tough.
    on a good day i can squat 300lbs. on that same day i can barely hold a certain yoga pose for 30 seconds. 
    letting go of the ego, advancing your mind/body connection are some of the great benefits you will achieve with yoga.
    and yeah, you'll look like a little wimp next to girls doing headstands and shit.. won't matter how much you can bench press at that point ;)
    all that being said, anyone can and should incorporate yoga into their training. and make sure the accommodations allow for plenty of hot girls.  :smoking:
    edit: p.s. how to get started? go ahead and take a class. suck it up.
  5. yoga is the best! check out namaste yoga on youtube dr melissa west makes these easy to follow videos (over 200 of them) so check that out , other than that get a basic book on postures and study it completely, thats what i did i had this little book for years now ive mastered it i am learning new and advanced poses and variation on poses i never would have imagines, all in all my back has never been happier and im getting epically shredded, bro, green drinks go hand in hand with yoga, get back to nature! i used to be a bodybuilder and i took tons of im more natiral and just want to be painfree and mobile, yoga is the key  to unlocking your hidden potential
  6. When doing yoga, girls dont mind if you suck. When they see you try, thats when they love you for it. Ive been yoga for year and half now. Helps my rock climbing a lot. Slack lining too. 5.12 baby!!!!

    I dont lift weights, i dont work out, i just yoga and lead, top rope, boulder. Leading is the best!
  7. Yoga is more of an art of energizing the body, most forms of exercise today are too excessive and are done till exhaustion, yoga is to actually energize and liven you up yet remain focused and calm how real exercise should be.

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