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    So my last, seed out of the grinder, turned out to be a male and recently I found another unknown strain/ seed! (Feminine seeds just ordered) Anyways, It was planted and sprouted in some coco coir (adding perlite soon).

    Tips on coco coir growing from seedlings?
    -hydroponics flora series and CalMag mix (feeding based off guide on bottles)
    - 4 CFL lights
    - 18/6 lighting? (Recommend?)
    - temp 68-75 degrees with small fan [​IMG]

    Don't forget to bring a towel!
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  2. I don't have any tips on coco or on your nutes, but:
    -Your CFLs should be fine. Consider that you want bright white colors for veg and softer colors for flowering, and consider that you'll want a minimum of 30 watts per square foot of canopy/area that you're trying to cover (if you have side-lighting).
    -18/6 is veg lighting, and 12/12 is flowering lighting.
    -Your temps sound fine.
    -Be certain to have your fan angled at a wall or something and not directly on your plant until the stem gets thicker. Even then, you only want the tips to slightly move in the breeze. Too much air movement can cause windburn.
    -I'd recommend getting a fabric container or at least a container with drainage holes at the bottom. Both styles will prevent you from accidentally drowning your plants and causing root rot, and they'll show you when to stop watering. Fabric containers also reduce roots circling around the bottom of the container.

    Good luck!

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