Starting To Write Again After A 9 Year hiatus

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  1. Haven't written anything since I was 14 in 2004.
    Here are a few I wrote out on the fly:
    The Bells of War:
    Where are we going?
    To fight! To fight!
    What is our greatest weapon?
    The night! The night!
    What covers the ground?
    The blood! The blood!
    What washes it away?
    The flood! The flood!
    Where does the true battle lie?
    Within ourselves! ourselves!
    Where will we go when we die?
    To hell! To hell!
    What will drown out our final breaths?
    The bells! The bells! The bells!
    In silent spring I did doth sleep, in ever peaceful slumber.When death from out that door did tear my heart asunder. Crying out in wretched agony :“Oh fate how cruel! “ I crowed, and through that red river then did my soul row. Never more was I to behold your face my sweet companion, the emptiness you created filling like a flooded canyon.  Where art thou? Oh winged angel so black and heartless, pray tell what I have done to deserve this. I'll wear your mark upon my bosom from here to the grave, and never forget what it meant or every smile you gave.
    Yes, Edgar Allan Poe is a big influence for me >_>

  2. For anyone (and im an anyone) into that flavor, that second poem was not too shabby.
    They both carry themselves, if that makes any since.

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