Starting to think it was a sign from above, or just really bad luck

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  1. Right, last night I did a ride-n-blaze with a spliff with about .3 of dank (not sure if it'll be helpful) and picked up my girl after round midnight, rode around for a bit and she decided a playground was in order.. O well I was buzzin so why not?

    Sittin on a jungle jim smoking a square and next thing I know my girl is on top of me making out with me and ended up getting my shorts down, and right off the bat tried to deepthroat me (she gagged less then half way :hello:) so i'm sitting here, enjoying my head and I decided to pull my phone out and pull up my stopwatch app, 29m42s in she gave up, I couldn't finish :eek:... I never even knew that was possible, and before anyone says anything.. I have NO idea how I got this girl, she has everything I want in a women and more so I was more then attracted to her...

    Talked to her today and she wants to try herb, said something about it being more "time efficent" :rolleyes: either way it may have been a sign from god or something for her to start smoking? (maybe i'm just to high?)

    Were also not dating, I hate it when things get Facebook official or anything like that because of all of the drama a typical relationship brings, theres no bullshit in ours she fine with all of my vices/downsides and i'm fine with her being perfect. But I don't think that has much to do with anything besides maybe a slight mental block or something... Either way that was the most frustrating night of my life

    Either way.. i'm rambling.. Question, any way to cum faster?..

    Must be a million articles on how to last longer, not a single one on wrap it up :laughing:
  2. Well you think baseball to stop it, so try thinking about 20 naked cheerleaders :confused_2:
  3. Timed that girl. Like a boss. :cool:

    Also what InterceptorP71 said. Unless you were doing that too.
  4. I have a friend who told me he can't get off with head....poor bastard. I'm glad that I can, because my wife is outstanding at it.
  5. So i'm pretty much sol till I get laid, not to much of a problem I guess

    Be cooler if she were on my couch smoking tho :hello:
  6. My boyfriend at first couldn't get off with just head, but now that I have acquired better skills, he can. So maybe she just needs some practice, I mean she only made it half way without gagging. :)

    And some guys just can't I guess.
  7. well what kind of guy are you? do you like getting your dick sucked and jacked at the same time? or do you like it when she does it with no hands? do you like getting your balls gently caressed when she's sucking your dick? do you get more pleasure from her sucking the head or the base?

    is the girls tongue skills not up to par? being able to suck and move your tongue at the same time is ideal for a good blow job. does talking nasty get your more in the mood? maybe you should finger her while she's blowing you -- moaning always seems to set the mood right.

    actually dude -- i don't know. there's a million things you can do to cum faster -- and if her giving you head isn't cutting it, then i suggest you try to help out too. sucking dick is tiring -- no lie. well after the first 30 minutes cause i'm like fuck that, you do some work too, fucker. :cool:

  8. Sure, when I wanna cum fast I think about getting a blow job.

    Wait, maybe that's not the best advice here. Try thinking of someone you really wanna fuck. Maybe that'll help. Oh, and make sure the girl gets more practice. Sounds like she could use it. Either way you are one Lucky bast.....:wave:
  9. lol @ Jungle Jim. Could be your new nickname, my friend.
  10. Yea just an update..

    Got laid today, took me fifteen minutes I was lucky enough to have a clock a couple feet away.. I owned...

    Still doesn't want to smoke tho, doesn'tmind me blazing on her porch tho :smoking:

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