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Starting to question my dealer..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MrFourTwenty, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. The man is trying to keep your account from being banned and you want to act like a tough guy? :rolleyes: I highly suggest you take two minutes and read the forum guidelines. :smoke:

    1. RESPECT your fellow members of the community. You don't necessarily have to agree with everyone and open and constructive debate is encouraged; however, keep this mature. Failure to respect your fellow members, including verbal assaults or degrading remarks/comments, will result in a warning/infraction. Any further infringement will result in a permanent ban. If someone has been disrespectful towards you first, please report them rather than engage in the same behavior.

  2. This is what I'm talking about. Op made the thread so people could help him with his problems, then when someone posted an opinion he immediately got butthurt. You're right I do have to have my say in everything, that's my opinion. You'd rather have 10 people calling you an idiot for trying to help than having one person merely try to help you from being banned? If I'm 'that' type of guy, then you're the type that can never be wrong. Learn from this and try to respect other gc members.

  3. If you read what he said you would know why i said what i daid, He was so off topic? I've been on here for almost as long as you stop acting like a child.
  4. Maybe it's that new weed
  5. True, it was unrelated to your intent. However, it doesn't matter if a member has been here 1 day or 10 years, name calling and disrespect are uncalled for and go against the vibe the City is all about.

    On topic - Someone else mentioned it, as the bud passes through alot of hands/steps it does tend to diminish the visual appeal. As long as you are getting high as fuck, you're good. :smoke:
  6. Find a new dealer, simple as that

    Go buy $10/$20 samples from about 3-4 people, which ever seems the most reliable and has the best stuff go there. I can't even tell you how many samples I've bought in the past 3-4 years, after a sample if I think the guys legit I'll start picking up 1/8ths, and see how the weight, quality, reliability change, and then continue to pick up from the same guy
  7. Don't worry your not getting ripped off, your weed doesnt need to look pretty to be good worry more about the smell, stickyness and most importantly how long and intense the high is, most good weed I get, living in Jersey like u doesn't look as nice as some of the pictures on here and even weed that I know for a fact is some of the highest grade medical in the country doesn't look as great as the pictures on here and that has a lot to do with the lighting and other photography related things making it look better than it looks to the naked eye.

    P.S. everybody really needs to stop fighting on GC I really don't understand how this shit happens all the time.
  8. That's QUITE enough
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