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  1. OK so i grew with a 250 watt HPS with 4 plants under it and stuff happened and i had to stop growing. im moving now to a actual house and ill have a ton of rooms to grow in. I only want to grow in one room. I was thinking of growing 10 plants( 5 elitegenetics double dipped sour banana and 5 chemdawg 1991). i know that i will need some money to start off so i made a cart in . I know that i will need more then this but i already have things like fans and pots and mylar. heres what i was thinking.

    1000watt HPS
    Digital Electronic Ultimate 1000 watt HPS & MH Grow Light
    Euro Reflector + $35.00
    GrowBright 1000 Watt HPS Bulb
    GrowBright 1000 Watt Metal Halide Lamp - 6500 K
    No Spare Bulb
    No Spare MH bulb
    Sunrise Hi-Low Reflector Hangers + $9.95
    Dual Outlet Mechanical Timer - Heavy Duty + $12.95
    Standard Warranty
    110 volt power cord


    \t\tGrow Tent - Size L 56 x 56 x 78.5


    FoxFarm's Ocean Forest Potting Mix 1.5 Cubic Feet

    all of this comes out to with shipping 722.00. what do you guys think? with this setup do you think i can manage 2 ozs off each plant. also i have and will be using FF fertz and FF micro nutes. any suggestions?
  2. sounds like a good plan, i would SOG it and get wayyyy more than just 2 oz's. or i suggest getting a female and cloning the hell out of her. :)
  3. do you think i will have heat issues? i plan to after i get this stuff and a little mor emoney get a intake and outake squirrl fan. i dont think i would SOG, i would rather SCROG it.
  4. G'day mate, yeah you will have heat issues, i have the same sized tent with a 600w and i can barely keep the heat under control. Not to mention 600 is more than enough for the area and any more will just be wasting money. The last crop i did was in soil and produced 14 oz of white widow with 10 oz of that premium. 9 plants fit easily but i think i might go with 16 next time and aim for center cola yeild and less secondary colas. I didn't bother with the MH globe and just went HPS all the way, just veg for a few extra days.

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