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Starting to hate people when I'm baked

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TagOverFonda, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. For some reason whenever I toke up now I really just get annoyed with everyone. Like I feel like everyone is so full of crap. Does this happen to anyone else? I feel like iv just been getting shitty weed lately but I'm not sure. I actually haven't smoked in like 2 weeks because of it. Its a catastrophe :(
  2. dudee :( thats such a shame, ive felt like that before but never all the time. I love being around friends and new people when im high. I honestly dont know what the problem is man, im very sorry to hear this though
  3. Don't worry, it's because 95% of people are full of shit.
  4. id much rather hang by myself or with my wife who knows enough to keep her mouth shut, but yea i feel ya for sure op, its nice to just get benched in a nice quite environment. and not have to listen to idiots pointless stories.
  5. lol i hate most people when im sober. alot of people are idiots and just think about themselves and are very close minded.
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    Smoke with good friends or people you trust. I smoked with my fair share of idiots before and trust me, its not worth letting them ruin your high. :smoke:
  7. Well, if you feel more happier around people when your sober, than stay sober. Why be mad at the world all the time when you don't have to?
  8. Being high is like that sometimes. maybe take a little break.
  9. I feel like that. I toke alone usually.
  10. Your probably hangin' out with bad people.. annoying people maybe? Find yourself some private tokin' time and some REAL friend smokin time. Ditch the idiots.
  11. I think its probably shitty weed, I smoked some dro that made every little noise piss me off, and gave me headaches out the ass... If your usaly chill i think itll blow over, otherwise remember your high people usally are full of shit when they are...
  12. Man i feel this sometimes too. It's whack when i'm just ready to chill and trip out to some movie or something, and then a bunch of fucking people show up and it gets shitty. It's especially shitty when you're trippin balls and then a bunch of sober people come and insist on talking with you and having conversation with you, when you just wanna chill out by yourself and trip balls.

    I would say: don't chill with them if they make you annoyed/mad/upset. Definitely reserve toke time to yourself and only smoke with good friends or people you trust and like/love when you're sober.
  13. Lol its bad even when I'm around people that are sober. Im pretty sure its the weed cuz the only weed I can find around me now is all the same. It smells really weird like really sweet pine trees with a hint of like chemical smell. The only person I can have a good time around baked is my stepsister. She's fuggin hilarious cuz shes a skinny white girl with glasses thatl just say whatever the fugg she wants. Bbut shes really smart and stuff so the shit she says is witty as hell. Lol good times
  14. I'm not much of a social smoker anyways but I just hate people now. I think some good saratoga springs bud should clear this up 8D
  15. I know the feeling.

    Take a break, and next time you smoke do something fun, and make sure to have a positive outlook before blowing. Underlying negative emotions always carry into my highs.

    Love trailer park boys :smoke:
  17. I think it's because if you're anything like me, you analyze the shit out of everyone. Like you become a body language reading machine.

    You really start to recognize the "game" of being social, and how everyone plays it, some people are good at it, and others are bad at it. Try going to a bar/club when you're baked. It's just a social clusterfuck, all the guys are trying to act cool and impress the girls, and the girls are trying to act like the don't give a fuck but they want to get laid too. I remember one time I ate a brownie before going to a club with my friends and I just sat there the whole night laughing my ass off, it was so easy to read people and see their intentions, and you realize the human race, especially young people, are so basic.

    ^ Man I don't know if anyone else is going to understand any of that, I'm pretty fucking high.

  18. I soooo get what you mean. I had some firecrackers before going to school and let me tell you, nearly EVERYONE is fake at high school. It's freaking insane. I'm so freaking happy that BS is over. That's mainly what high school is. Just a big sac of BS
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    Fuckin a man! Thats exactly how I feel dude. Its so obvious that people just use me to get high and then there like continually askin me when I gotta go. Like I don't even talk much when I'm high.
  20. I prefer to smoke alone.

    Even my best friends seem to express their bad side when they're high and it annoys me.

    I believe weed brings out the true personality of a person. If a friend is calm, caring and respectful when high, I know he/she is a great person.

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