Starting the week off with some psychedelics and funkadelic

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    Yo fellas
    Picked up some DXM syrup from the pharmacy a little while ago and drank it at 6:10- total dose was just under 400mg. I've tried this stuff before but never did enough to feel the effects so hopefully I'll get something out of it this time. Let me just say drinking that syrup was unbelievable, I couldnt wait to be done drinking it. It was horrible, and only chaser was water!
    Just chillin waiting for this to kick in while listening to some John Frusciante and messing around on my acoustic
    Will be listening to Funkadelic very soon
    and probably Jimi's Axis Bold as Love CD through my Grado headphones! :hippie:

    and then a movie maybe
    Wall-e in HD?
    Dog Day Afternoon?

    Wow in those last few lines I started feeling very stoned like this no lie :hide:
    Anyway, just thought I'd make a pointless thread for all of you, my friends, to read.

    Have a great week everybody!


    oh and go buy John's new cd, The Empyrean, its awesome.

    oh and yea sorry about using psychedelic in title b/c DXM isn't one, but kinda is, but well you get the point- I wanted it to go with funkadelic wow Im starting to zone shit
  2. lol have fun trying to stay awake and such. you will start to doze off until you start to peak and then you'll be wide fucking awake. get a garbage can because you will most likely vomit :) have fun though lol
  3. yeah you will probably puke... I did on DXM, and then had a crazy trip afterwards. I was way too dizzy to concentrate on anything or watch a movie, etc. Close eyed visuals are dope as fuck though!
  4. my second time i didn't puke because of a secret method i have never heard mentioned. the trip is alright but i feel weird, grimy and such. and i don't like how retarded i got :\
  5. this secret method being?
    dont hold out :D
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    I have the weakest stomach but the strongest will to not puke. My stomach was turning for a while but it left so I think Im all good. Im dizzy as a top and closing my eyes is like watching a cartoon holy crap. Im really disoriented too. I like it. Have had a lot of stress and this is nice to unwind. What are you talking about secret method??

    Anyway, what movie should I watch?? haha Im watching it with my parents that will be fun hahaha :yay:

    btw my pupils are the size of dimes, and I find this outrageously hilarious
  7. i just tripped on shrooms and listened to george clinton for at least a half hour, who i never listen to at all, and it was freakin awesome
  8. Highest I've ever done was 600mg...didn't puke nor get nauseous. I did get robo-itch though, that sucked.

    Have fun, don't expect a full blown crazy trip from 400mg. Mine wasn't that crazy, but I could have sworn I rode a yellow roller coaster while in my friends car when my eyes were closed. Crazy stuff, be careful.

    Sending good vibes your way.

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