Starting The Grow And Choosing The Location

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  1. Ive really got to get my skates on with my grow, Ive been doing research on the internet on the matter but i dont know theres so much information or they dont mentin the climate I never come away with much that is relevant
    well thats a lie i know something
     But i just want to get them going now before it gets to late and ill figure out the next stages as i go. 
    So the first stage:
    Soil mix
    Sil + perlite.  This i can do. But topsoil or multi purpose compost? which would be better to start of with? I could also buy some cow manure to put in the mix if it would help, and of course fertilisers for later on.
    TEll me the mix to use to start out with!! (dont tell me worm castings or peat moss Ive looked and cannot get them here) Could also buy gravel/sand if needed.
    next: finding the spot (i know this is backwards): Ive been scouting my area and im not sure if one of these vast boglands is really the best place for em. theyll stick out like a sore thumb. And anytime i think a spot looks good i see signs (normally animal dung) that there is occasionally activity in the area. If im leaving them there all summer long someone is bound to pass by them at some point. So maybe im thinking I should go more for a stwealthy place that people just wouldnt go, not because its a vast open space like the bog idea, but something a bit more hidden, like behind thorny bushes in an unused field just off the road. something like that. 
    What do ye think is better
    Middle of nowhere and hope nobody goes there, or just a spot that you no nobody is going to look, even though it might be right under their nose (so to speak)
    Ill keep scouting other places but in the meantime i want to get the things germinated and planted and i can just put the pots anywhere while they are still tiny and move them later.

    If I get no help from this topic Im going to start with 80%topsoil 20%perlite, and ill throw whatever bits of animal dung i find on top of them.

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    industrial areas are nice. no people around and everyone is in their car, working or going somewhere. That's my M.O this summer. Planted mine a few days ago. They are still there, and a couple nights ago, I went there late at night and saw a deer around my area. scared the shit out of me, scared the shit out of the deer
  3. Haha :) scared the shit out of the deer.. lmao that was funny. 
    I think ive found somewhere nice its just that they need to be there for so long and get so big and smell so much! Jesus that seems hard to hide! I Think ill try to stress train them to keep them small and bushy and hope that doesnt go terribly wrong. And as for smell, nearest house is about 100m so hopefully it wont carry that much or be obvious what it is. I dont think it would be? outside? I dont think so, i hope not anyway.
    About to start soon!

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